'Windy City Weekend' celebrates Mother's Day with two special guest moms

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Friday, May 10, 2024
'Windy City Weekend' celebrates Mother's Day
Mama Fresh and Kenzie Roman joined Val and Ryan to discuss how much money is expected to be spent on Mother's Day and what moms really want as gifts.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on "Windy City Weekend," Val and Ryan catch up with two longtime friends of the show, Mama Fresh and Kenzie Roman, as they chat all things motherhood.

Jenny LeFlore, known as "Mama Fresh," is a beloved mommy influencer and nurturing mother of two beautiful boys. Kenzie Roman, Q101 Morning Show host and TV personality, is celebrating Mother's Day after recently welcoming a beautiful baby boy.

Mom's ultimate vacation wish revealed

Fast Wi-Fi was picked as the No. 1 ultimate necessity for mothers when seeking relaxation during a vacation. It keeps mom connected to loved ones and ensures they can capture and share fun memories.

Projected billion-dollar spending for Mother's Day

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that Mother's Day spending will reach $33.5 billion in 2024. Traditional gifts like flowers and cards are still favored by 74% of shoppers, while 59% opt for special outings to celebrate the occasion.

'Name That Famous Mom'

Val and Kenzie Roman face off against Ryan and Mama Fresh to guess famous moms just based on clues from their partners.

Get ready for laughter, surprises and friendly competition as Val and Kenzie go head-to-head against Ryan and Mama Fresh in the "Name that Famous Mom" challenge. Both teams dive into the ultimate test of knowledge about iconic moms, spanning real-life moms, TV favorites and even cartoon characters.

While Val and Ryan take turns guessing, Kenzie and Mama Fresh provide the clues. The race against the clock is on. Then, the roles reverse with Val and Ryan challenging Kenzie and Mama Fresh to guess the mystery mom. Watch to see which team knows famous moms best.

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