Stranger donates kidney to fellow veteran

ATHENS, Ga. -- A woman who had to retire from the military because of issues with her kidney is getting help from one of her brothers in arms.

Lydia Burden enlisted in the Army right out of high school, wanting to be a career soldier. But she was forced to retire because of kidney issues. A few months later, she got a kidney transplant. But within five years, that new kidney failed. She now spends most of her time on dialysis, with her husband Eric by her side.

Now, a stranger from the other side of the country is reaching out to help. Christopher Pierce is from Washington state, is offering to donate his kidney to Burden, despite the two never having met in person. The two matched on a website called

The two are still waiting to hear back from Emory Medical to find out if their kidneys are a match. But they say even if they are not, the two are now friends for life.