Labor Day travel warnings range from COVID to natural disasters across US

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There are several warnings to not travel Labor Day weekend, ranging from COVID-19 to the impact of natural disasters.

AAA said if people are traveling this weekend, they are road tripping.

ABC7 spoke to some travelers at the Hinsdale Oasis Friday.

Some said they thought twice about their plans to get away, while others did not.

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Lisa Rim and her husband, from Alabama, stopped for a stretch and some gas at the Hinsdale Oasis.

They're driving to attend the Penn State vs. Wisconsin football game this weekend.

"We are both vaccinated. We bought the N-95 masks. We got all the hand sanitizer so we're just going to be extra careful," Rim said.

The CDC is advising unvaccinated Americans to stay home this Labor Day weekend. The strong spread of the Delta variant forcing people to rethink their holiday plans.

"It's hard. We don't really travel far from home that often, and we decided not to fly and to drive, just because it was safer and probably easier and we had a little more control," Rim said.

Dan Horner and his daughter, from South Carolina, are close to their destination in the Chicago area. Despite all of the travel advisories, he decided it was safe to make the trip.

"Well you gotta continue on with life," he said. "It's short, so, no, it didn't have any alteration at all."

But where are people going?

Chicago Public Schools said students will have to quarantine if they travel.

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Meanwhile, wildfires are raging on the west coast and flooding on the east coast from Ida are causing devastating destruction, keeping people from some of those destinations.

Mike Hederman said he is going golfing in Wisconsin, choosing the Midwest as his best bet.

"The west coast is burning; the east coast, I saw it on T.V. last night, the floods are ridiculous; New Orleans is tore up again. I mean, when does it stop? It's like a passage out of the bible isn't it," Hederman said.
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