Season 2 of Amy Schumer's 'Life & Beth' kicks off with marriage proposal

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Friday, February 16, 2024
Life & Beth season 2 kicks off with proposal
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NEW YORK -- "Life & Beth" was created by Amy Schumer who drew on her own life experiences to give a portrait of a woman looking for more out of life.

The comedy series on Hulu was inspired by Schumer's real journey toward love and marriage, and season two kicks off with a marriage proposal.

Is 9 a.m. in the morning a good time for a marriage proposal? It was OK for Schumer in real life, and her character takes it in stride in the new season.

The very low-key proposal and an over-the-top wedding makeover get season two off to a fast start.

"We love subverting expectations on our show and showing things a little more realistic, a little bit less how we've seen them in movies," says Schumer. "Like anytime, my first instinct would be to write something sort of as I've seen it before, and then you try to get away from that."

Schumer mines her own life for laughs and tears. The inspiration for this season lies in her own marriage to Chris Fischer, with Michael Cera playing a character based on him.

"I feel a strong emotional connection to kind of what's driving him. I think that's kind of down to how beautifully personal the writing is and how close it feels," Cera said.

Close is a good word to describe the rapport between the two.

"Some of my favorite moments in this season, season two, were moments that just happened very spontaneously with me and Amy and they're really some of my favorite moments in the show and they're totally unexpected," Cera said.

There's a special treat in store in the middle of episode one of the new season for fans of the late Jimmy Buffett. The legendary performer got his start as a street musician in New Orleans, and that's how he appears in a cameo shot before his death.

Schumer said she called Buffett, he said yes, and the result is a brief, but very sweet tribute to him.

All 10 new episodes of "Life and Beth" are streaming now on Hulu, which is owned by the same parent company as this station.