Parents consider Lisle district's back to school plan during COVID-19 pandemic

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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Coronavirus Illinois: Lisle School District 202 gives parents options for students' return to class during COVID-19 pandemic
A west suburban district has laid out a plan for students' to return to school, and now parents are deciding what to do.

LISLE, Ill. (WLS) -- A west suburban district has laid out a plan for students' to return to school, and now parents are deciding what to do.

Sara Sadat has a lot on her plate. She's a mother of three who works full-time and serves as a Village of Lisle trustee. So when Lisle School District 202 presented parents with a preliminary back to school plan that involves in-person instruction five days a week, Sadat was thrilled.

"There are many things I'm good at, teaching is not one of them," Sadat said.

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Leaving the teaching to the teachers is exactly what full-time working parent Ann George said her three kids need.

"Even talking to the kids in a mask from 6 feet away would be better than talking through email or chat," George said.

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Wearing face coverings at all times, except for eating, is part of the plan for students and staff, as well as maintaining 6 feet of social distancing. For elementary school, the district plans to split classes into smaller groups of 10-15 students.

"They are not going to be rotating kids. They are going to try to keep the same group of kids together as possible," said George.

Both the Lisle Elementary School and the Lisle Junior High School will spread kids out by utilizing two old school buildings that closed when a bigger elementary school opened last year.

"They are kind of thinking out-of-the-box, reusing their older facilities and making sure they are still up to code and housing kids," Sadat said.

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She said the district plans to beef up staff to accommodate the smaller class sizes.

For now, both Lisle moms are comfortable sending their kids back to school.

For parents who aren't comfortable, the district is considering offering a 100% remote option at each grade level, if there is enough interest. The district is evaluating surveys sent to parents.