Judge approves $12M settlement in botched Little Village smokestack demolition

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Monday, April 22, 2024
Judge approves settlement in botched smokestack demolition
A settlement in the Hilco Chicago botched demolition of a Little Village smokestack was approved by a judge Monday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A judge on Monday approved a settlement between the company that botched a smokestack demolition and the Little Village residents impacted.

The class-action lawsuit was filed over the botched demolition at a former coal plant in Little Village back in April of 2020.

Dust covered the village after the 380-foot smokestack came down at the former Crawford Power Generating Station on Pulaski Road.

Residents reported difficulty breathing, following the implosion, and lasting respiratory problems.

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The complaint alleges the toxic plume from the implosion was the result of negligent action by Northbrook-based Hilco.

Monday was the final approval hearing for a settlement reached in December in which Hilco would pay over $12 million to Little Village residents, businesses and property owners whose health and property were affected by the implosion.