Logan Square residents protest rising rent

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Logan Square residents held a march Saturday to protest rising rents in their neighborhood.

Some residents say one landlord in particular is pricing them out of their homes. They say M. Fishman & Company has been sending out notices demanding residents pay more or move. Residents say rents have jumped by hundreds of dollars a month.

One woman says she was told her new rent reflects the market price.

"Since he owns a large percentage of Logan Square he's pretty much setting market price," Aoiaremi Espinzoa said.

"I've grown up in Logan Square. Logan Square has been my home for 24 years and I think for the first time I may have to leave Logan Square," said Estefania Salgado.

M. Fishman & Company did not respond to requests for comment.