USPS mail delivery delays continue, Chicago alderman looks for solutions

CHICAGO (WLS) -- On a block in the Beverly neighborhood, Rita Orosco watches out for her neighbors.

She's seen letter carriers working hard to deliver mail with increased demand during the pandemic.

But lately, she said, even with her letter carriers working diligently she and her neighbors have had trouble getting their US Mail.

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"Just the other day I got my mail and I had a bunch of mail which is rare, but we hadn't gotten it the day before. And it's just inconsistent," she said.

"This is clearly a problem throughout the Chicagoland area and a problem we need to have addressed," said Alderman Matt O'Shea, 19th Ward.

O'Shea was among local elected officials who sent a letter to the US Postmaster.

The Alderman shared the US Postal Service's response which indicated 97% satisfaction, before the pandemic, from Mount Greenwood customers.

O'Shea did his own survey of residents over the last few days, and said over 3,000 residents in Mount Greenwood and Beverly responded.

His survey found that over 50% were dissatisfied with their mail service during the pandemic.

"We want answers and we want corrective measures put in place," he said.

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"With this pandemic it doesn't seem like it's getting any better and we have to adjust and make it work," Orosco said.

The alderman is working with other aldermen and congressional leaders to have a hearing in Chicago about US Postal Service issues and discuss possible solution.
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