Why is Luigi terrifying and out for blood?

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Since the debut of Mario Kart 8 on May 30th, many video game fans noticed that the awkward little brother of Nintendo's famous mascot, Mario, seemed to have a serious axe to grind with the rest of the video game's cast. In the game, whenever passing or striking another player's car, Luigi slowly turns his head to reveal a death glare so cold-blooded, it changes our entire perspective of his character. So why has the once adorable little plumber's assistant gone full-blown psychopath? Let's look at the evidence at hand.

He's always played second fiddle to Mario.

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He's the only Mario character without a significant fan base.

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His evil clone, Waluigi, gets more buzz than he does.

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Princess Daisy "friend-zoned" him over a decade ago.

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His 30th anniversary celebration, the Year of Luigi, was a joke.

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Every game he's been the star of has bombed.

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And he's been listening to too much gangsta rap.

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