MathCON draws nationwide students for finals in Chicago

CHICAGO -- Math isn't usually a favorite subject for most, but for over 40,000 students across the country, competing for the top spot at MathCON is everything! And, the finals are held right here in Chicago!

Regina Armour, the Director of New School Development and Community Outreach, stopped by to tell us more about MathCON.

MathCON is an online math competition for students in grades 5-12 with grade-level specific timed tests of 40 multiple-choice questions in 40 minutes. Students from all types of schools, including home schooled students, can take the test at their own schools under the supervision of their own teachers. Over 40,000 students now participate from 42 different states. Top scoring students win an iPad and have the option of attending Math Camp.

Ryan and Val put their math skill to the test against a sixth and 10th grader! Ayhan Caputlu, Director of Math Education, and students Roshaan Siddiqui (Chicago Math & Science Academy, 10th grade) and Dakari Thomas (Horizon Science Academy, sixth grade) joined in on the competition.

The first round of MathCON is going on now through March 4. The finals will be held in Chicago on April 23.
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