'Bachelor' Matt talks about Michelle, Victoria, and his future with 'Bachelor Nation'

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Monday, February 1, 2021
'The Bachelor' Matt James talks about his dates and future with the franchise
Jennifer Matarese interviews "The Bachelor" Matt James who gives a preview of what's coming up this next episode.

NEW YORK -- On the last episode of "The Bachelor," five new women joined the show with Matt James opting to give roses to four of them.

"I had no idea, I thought I was going outside to break up a fight," Matt said.

One woman, in particular, Michelle, seemed to make a great first impression.

"When you meet someone who is as genuine and down to earth as that you are just drawn to them, you know," Matt said. "It's not science, it's easy. It was so easy with Michelle and I just wanted to explore as much as I could with her because we had missed out on three weeks together."

Matt said he's doing his best to get to know each woman and compartmentalize the relationships. The rose ceremonies never get easier though, as we know from seasons past, it just gets harder.

"Every woman I interacted with was a case by case basis. I wasn't thinking about Bri when I was with Michelle, I wasn't thinking about Michelle when I was with Bri, I wasn't thinking about Abigail when I was with Sarah, it was just keeping yourself focused on that person, you have to be so you can feel that connection," Matt said.

The woman "Bachelor Nation" loves to hate, Victoria, continues to get roses from Matt despite the drama she causes in the house.

"I feel like everybody is the way they are for a reason and my job is to get to the root of that," he said.

This week, Matt promised we will see "questions that have been looming answered."

"Bachelor Nation" can find out what that means TONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET on ABC!

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