'The Bachelor' Matt eliminates the bullies and sets up a 2-on-1 date

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021
'Bachelor' Matt James confronts Victoria about her comments to the other women
"The Bachelor" Matt James talks to Victoria about her comments.

NEW YORK -- This week's "The Bachelor" began with Brittany upset that the other women were telling lies about her being an escort. She said she never expected that. Katie told Matt and she asked him to address the women about making the "house" a toxic place. Anna and Victoria are feeling slightly better that they have made more progress in their relationship than the new girls, or so they think. Matt did address the women and told them that having a toxic environment isn't acceptable. Matt told the room that he's not looking for someone who belittles others to shine to be his future wife. Anna knows that it's about her. Katie kept her mouth shut.

Matt pulled Brittany aside to talk and she cried to him about the comments that were made about her. Matt apologized and he told Brittany that he's going to make sure those rumors stop and never happen again. He takes bullying very seriously and if she feels anything like that ever again she should come to him about it.

Matt asked Anna to talk next, and it didn't go well. She told him that she was sad and upset with herself about what she said. She explained the messages she received in her DM about Brittany, and Anna told Matt that she reacted poorly. Matt told her she's not a terrible person, and he's said things that he's not proud of either, but ultimately Anna is responsible and if he's following his heart she has to go home.

Anna going home shocked everyone and all of the women started apologizing to each other. Victoria apologized for taking off Catalina's crown. The new women and OGs did their best to make peace with each other. Ryan called out the situation to Matt and said that Victoria is a constant troublemaker and called her a "ho" for being a dancer. Matt's face was just shocked. He seemed to feel sick about the way these women were all behaving. He apologized to her and said that he'd take care of it.

Ryan told Victoria that she spoke to Matt about her and Victoria called her fake and walked away mid-conversation. Victoria found Matt, and Matt pretty much ratted Katie out for telling him about the tension in the house. Victoria apologized for "cheering to the OGs." Matt told Victoria that people's words are powerful. He asked her about the "ho" comment. Victoria said it was taken out of context. Matt told her that he had a lot to think about.

Victoria talked to the producers about how Ryan is shady and that "I'm the only one that could marry him." She said that if he does believe her that she wouldn't want to marry him anyway because she won't marry an idiot. But if she gets eliminated she'll "literally die." SO MANY EMOTIONS. She started crying and hyperventilating about going into the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

1) Bri (Last week's group date)

2) Michelle (Last week's one-on-one date)

3) Pieper

4) Brittany

5) Ryan

6) Rachael

7) Serena P.

8) Magi

9) Kit

10) MJ

11) Jessenia

12) Katie

13) Abigail

14) Chelsea

15) Serena C.

That meant that four women including Victoria would be going home. Victoria did not go quietly. "I honestly feel so sorry for you that you would listen to heresy and not the facts in a situation, so goodbye," she said to Matt. He just stared at her and said nothing.

One-on-One Date with Rachael

The date card read, "Rachael, our fairytale begins today." Rachael got picked up by a limo driver to go meet Matt. He told her it was her day and that he wanted to spoil her. He said that she caught his eye on night one. They walked into a room full of dresses and designer outfits where celebrity stylist Ty Hunter was waiting to help them get dressed for their day. After trying on a few different amazing outfits, they settled on a beautiful red dress, and then Matt pulled out some red-bottomed designer shoes to match for Rachael. She returned with bags of dresses and the other women were very jealous. The driver gave her a box with a blue gown to wear that evening.

That evening, Matt asked Rachael why she hadn't been in love before. She said that there are times she feels undeserving and told him she feels like he's out of her league. It's funny that she says she doesn't have confidence because Matt had said earlier he loved her confidence. Matt told her that he likes everything about her. He said, "If you are in the room, you've got my attention." Rachael told Matt that the butterflies have not stopped since night one. She told him that she's "already falling in love" with him. She added that she wants to walk out of there and start a life with him. She was really laying it all out there. Then, Matt said, "Can I share something with you? So, you're not crazy because I feel the same way!" Wow, he seems smitten for sure. He offered her the date rose, of course! Matt even told the cameras that he could see proposing to Rachael at the end of it all. They rode off in a horse and carriage for the end of their date.

Group Date

The group date included Serena P., Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C., Ryan, Michelle, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, MJ. It read "Love can be messy." That meant Kit was going to be getting the one-on-one. They met up at a farm! Matt said although he lives in NYC, he is from Raleigh and is a country boy. So, they were there to learn about farming. They cleaned out horse stalls, milked some goats, and collected eggs from the chicken coop.

Pieper was doing an interview and then Matt just jumped in to get some kissing time in! MJ saw the whole thing. She had been trying hard to participate on the group date so it was upsetting for her to see that. She announced it to the other women, who were also annoyed. Michelle cried hearing that he was kissing someone else. It's hard going from a one-on-one date to being part of the group again.

Later, they got to have a cocktail party together where Matt could talk to them and get to know them all better. Matt went on a tour of the ladies and said, "I'm so happy you're here" and made out with a lot of them. But, Abigail was upset she had the first impression rose and wasn't given a one-on-one yet. She feels like they're falling behind everyone else. She also revealed to Matt that she could disappoint him and that there's a big chance her children could be deaf. Her father walked out on her and her sister right after they got their cochlear implants. Matt said that he can relate to not having a dad growing up and being raised by a single mom. He told her he's not ashamed of it because it's made him who he is. They shared a really special moment. Matt told Michelle that she shouldn't worry about being on a group date and that he is feeling what she is feeling.

When Matt had time with MJ, he revealed that her name was brought up as a bully in the house. She got very defensive. Brittany came by to interrupt, and MJ said, "One minute. Unless you are done with me." Matt said, "I'll find you tomorrow." Yikes! She marched back out to the other women and asked who thought that about her. Jessenia said that she admitted that MJ was stirring things up and being an antagonist. With that, another feud started. The other women seemed to back Jessenia up. In the end, the date rose went to Abigail, which was not a surprise after how deep of a conversation they had.

One-on-One with Kit

"Dinner at my place?" is what Kit's date card read. Kit loves cooking with her mother, designer Cynthia Rowley. So it made her feel special that Matt wanted to cook with her. She said that with her mom being so successful she's hidden a lot of her emotions until being in this unique situation. Matt said that he likes being around Kit because she's 100% herself. Kit said that she wants just the simple pleasures in life and hopes that they could have that kind of life together. Kit told Matt that she's falling in love with him. He grabbed the date rose and offered it to her! This was the shortest editing job of a group date I've ever seen!

Surprise Two-on-One Conversation

Another date card arrived! Yikes. It read, "MJ and Jessenia, I need to know the truth, arrive to the cocktail party before the other women." Matt wanted to know the truth about who said what and if MJ was a real bully. They rode in a limo, in silence, to the rose ceremony location. We only got to see them call each other childish and fight before Matt arrived. It was "to be continued" into next week, and there was a rose on the table.

Next Week

Heather Martin arrives - previously, you may remember her as never been kissed Heather, arrives for a shot with Matt.

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