'The Bachelor' Matt selects his final four women for hometown dates

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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NEW YORK -- It's hometown week on "The Bachelor!" Matt would get to meet the families of his final four women: Rachael, Bri, Serena, and Michelle. They traveled to the resort instead of Matt visiting their actual hometowns due to COVID restrictions with filming.

Michelle's Date

Matt met up with Michelle and they were matching in their lavender sweaters. Michelle surprised Matt with some bicycles where they rode through the resort and talked about what a future together would look like. They eventually ended up at an auditorium where Michelle's students were waiting on a zoom call. The kids were so cute and had a lot of questions for Matt aka "Mr. James."

That evening, Michelle brought Matt to meet her mom and dad. Michelle told her mom that she didn't know that she was walking into a rose ceremony when she joined the show, and Matt said he was so taken by her that he requested a one-on-one date right away for the next day. Her dad asked her if Matt proposed if she would say yes and Michelle said she would! Matt told her dad that a lot of their future goals are aligned and that he's falling for Michelle. While they had that tough conversation, Michelle cried and told her mom that she loves Matt. Before they parted ways, Michelle told Matt that she loved him. Matt smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He didn't say it back though.

Rachael's Date

Rachael drove up in a Plymouth Prowler and met Matt in a field. She blindfolded him and drove him to a skydiving airfield! They loaded up into a plane and then they jumped! All was going fine until the landing, when Rachael had a pretty hard landing. Ouch! A medic came over and checked her out and she was OK thank goodness. Matt was really relieved that she was OK.

Later, Rachael took Matt to meet her parents and her sister. They talked about skydiving and then Rachael went to talk to her mom and she told her mom that she loves Matt. She said Matt's always been there for her. Rachael said he really comforted her after her bad landing. She told her mom that she had a lot of makeup covering up bruises from her rough landing. Rachael's dad asked Matt how he could be sure that he is in love in just a few weeks and be ready for that. Matt told him that he's told Rachael that he's falling in love with her. Her dad was critical of the fact that there are still other women involved. He said, "When I'm with Rachael, she's all I'm thinking about." Rachael's dad is skeptical of the whole thing. Matt told Rachael that he didn't ask her father for his blessing just yet. He said he didn't feel right doing it yet "just to check a box." That left Rachael feeling a bit unsettled.

Bri's Date

For Bri's hometown, she wanted to take it back to their first date where Matt almost killed her on an ATV. She loaded him into a Jeep, and they went off-roading. They got the Jeep really muddy and then sat in an open field to have a picnic. Bri told Matt that he's going to meet her mom and her best friend. She warned him that her mom is tough!

Bri's mom Lauren and baby sister along with her best friend met up with Bri. The tiny baby did a lot of crying but was so precious! Bri's mom asked Matt to talk outside and she asked him right away how he felt about her daughter. Matt told Lauren that he's falling for Bri. He was very complimentary to Bri, but Lauren said her daughter is a realist and is afraid of being shot down. Matt said that he can see Bri in his life. Bri told her mother that she's falling in love with Matt, but she's scared. Her mom told her to make a commitment to herself to be honest and vulnerable. So, she took her mom and friend's advice and told Matt she's falling in love with him. They kissed and he said, "Thank you for telling me that."

Serena's Date

Serena took Matt to a bar where everything inside was Canadian, like her! They went over the vernacular, went over the map of Canada, and even the food. Poutine is delicious! It's French fries with cheese curds and gravy. Then, they went outside and played some hockey!

That night, Serena introduced Matt to her parents and sister and they had a great conversation! They joked about their time dating and really seemed to have a great rapport. Matt told Serena's mom how much he loves their conversations. Her mom said they are just so worried about Serena ending up hurt in the end. Matt said he has an idea of how Serena feels about him, but doesn't know exactly. Serena told her sister that she's catching up to Matt's feelings but that she's definitely falling for him. Her sister said that something is missing though. She doesn't think that Serena is smitten with him. After all of the conversations with her family, Serena admitted that she's having doubts. She admitted to Matt that she's having doubts, and Matt said they could talk about it, but it seemed to leave Serena feeling flat as he drove away.

Matt Reflects on his Week

Matt spoke to Chris Harrison about how his week went and how everything went meeting with the families. Matt said he's continuing to think about what he wants for his life. Matt said that he's tried to give Serena as much confirmation as he can, but he doesn't know where she's at. "Is this a relationship you want to fight for?" Chris asked him. "Yes," Matt said. Chris urged him to dive into that conversation and figure it out with Serena.

Matt goes to talk to Serena

Matt got in a limo and went to talk to Serena. He said that he could see living with Serena and having a family with her, but he's worried that she doesn't see it. Matt did his best to plead his case to her and keep it positive. Serena acknowledged their immediate chemistry, but she said that she's struggling with her doubts. She said it's not just fear, it's more than that. She doesn't think that he's her person. Ouch. Matt had to sit and just absorb that for a second. He said that he felt that something was off. "It just stinks," Matt said. That was the end of that.

Rose Ceremony

The women were whispering frantically about where Serena might be as Matt walked into the rose ceremony. He told Chris Harrison that he sad that Serena decided to leave, but he's happy with the women he has left, he's just worried that someone else might feel the same.

1) Michelle

2) Rachael

3) Bri

Next Week

It's "The Women Tell All" episode. We hear from the "bullies" and Victoria. Serena P. also talks about her decision to leave. Looks explosive! Matt goes through quite a bit in the next few weeks!

Matt commented on his Instagram and Twitter accounts about the controversy surrounding Chris Harrison and contestant Rachael Kirkconnell.

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