Matt gets his first dose of drama as 'The Bachelor' with 'Queen' Victoria

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Victoria talks to Matt about Marylynn on 'The Bachelor"
Matt James got his first dose of drama on ABC's "The Bachelor."

NEW YORK -- This week, it was time for Matt our "Bachelor" to get down to business and start going on some dates so he could figure out if one of these women is his future wife. It kicked off with Matt taking a shower because this is "The Bachelor." Chris Harrison welcomed the women to the hotel and said that there would be two one-on-one dates and only one group date. The issue? That meant that not all of the ladies would be getting a date this week. Ouch.

One-on-One Date with Bri

The first date card read, "Bri, love is an adventure." Bri got the first one-on-one date! She looked so tiny as she met up with 6'4" Matt James. They walked outside and climbed aboard some ATVs. The other women looked on as they rode off. Victoria, meantime, established herself as the woman who wasn't there to make friends and told everyone that. Bri and Matt got very muddy on the ATVs. They zipped around and Bri got on the back of Matt's ATV. He asked her if she trusted him and then he flipped their vehicles! Oh my goodness! He was really embarrassed about it and apologized on video to Bri's mother and said that he "vows to protect her better from now on."

After the ride, they arrived at a wood-fired hot tub. They stripped down and Bri didn't hate the view. She called him, "The most gorgeous man I've ever seen." Then he chopped some wood for the hot tub's fire. They sipped on some champagne and enjoyed some time to chat. They laughed about falling off the ATV, and overall, they seemed comfortable together. He seemed a bit nervous, but eventually, Matt went in for the kiss.

At dinner, Bri said she wanted to dive deeper into his upbringing. She just wanted to know more about him. She told him about being raised by a single mom who had her when she was 13. That's so young. She found out during quarantine that her mom was pregnant and has a new boyfriend. She wonders what her place is in their new family. Bri said she has somewhat of a relationship with her father but he wasn't always around. Matt said that he could relate because his dad wasn't around when he was growing up very much either. He said that he gravitated to friends that had families with two parents and brothers and sisters. She said she did the same because that's what she wants for herself. They seem to have a lot of similar hopes and dreams. Matt did a toast with water...maybe he doesn't know that's bad luck? It's also one of the first times I think I've seen a couple drink water on this show! Matt was touched that Bri shared so much information about her life with him. He offered her the date rose! She happily accepted and they kissed! They got to kiss some more during a fireworks display that made the rest of the women wish they could have been on that date.

Group Date

The group date card read, "Chelsea, Serena P., Abigail, Sydney, Illeana, Kristin, Lauren, Jessenia, Serena C., Kit, Kaili, Katie, MJ, Mari, Pieper, Rachael, Victoria, I'm looking for the one." Of course, Victoria is on a group date. She's bound to bring the drama. The 18 women arrived with umbrellas as it was kind of a crummy, rainy day outside. Matt was dressed in a tux and a photographer had a set with a backdrop. The ladies got to pick out a wedding dress, veil, accessories and take part in a photoshoot with Matt. The photographer pushed the limits of the other women's comfort with the situation by asking Matt to kiss them for the photos. Victoria put a huge crown, tiara, whatever, for her pictures. She tried to interrupt another woman for her photos and even reminded the photographer to not forget her. She put a garter belt really high up on her leg and grabbed him for a kiss. It seemed very awkward. Chris Harrison showed up to tell the women that they would have to "fight" for his love. Seems like there's going to be an intense part two of this date!

The women hiked in the woods to meet with Matt, Chris, and the photographer. They played a version of "Capture the Flag" called "Capture the Heart." There was paint scattered throughout the course to trash the dresses. The winning team would get a romantic night with Matt. The losing team would have to do the walk of shame home in their trashed dresses. Matt thought it was hilarious seeing the women flinging paint and cake all over the place. It was hard to know what on earth was happening or who was even winning. The red team won! Victoria was moving on into the evening date...buckle up. Mari got to join the red team for being the MVB "Most Valuable Bride" because she held onto her team's heart as an entire team of women dragged her across the ground. The rest of the women walked back to the hotel in defeat. Many of the women were in tears over the fact that they wouldn't get a chance to talk to Matt that evening. They said that's why they put up with the crazy date, just to get to the good part.

During the cocktail portion of the group date, Lauren told Matt that the date that day was exhausting but it made her feel like a kid again. She said that she wants a man of faith. She is very sincere. Matt said that he grew up in the church and he said that he wants the same things she does.

Jessenia told Matt that she's dealt with a lot of infidelity in her past relationships but she's ready to find her rock and make a connection. Matt said that he would never cheat on his wife and they shared a passionate kiss.

Matt told Victoria that he was impressed with her efforts during the game. She told him that she's human and has her own insecurities. He told her that she looked great and he often feels like he doesn't have it all together as well. Matt told her that he wants to challenge her to be who she really is. He then said, "Can I take you back upstairs?" to where the other women were waiting. She said, "Can I have a kiss first?" He said yes, but really, what could he say?!

Suddenly, he grabbed the date rose and asked Lauren to go talk again. He told her that he was so glad that they got to talk and he liked that they share such similar values. She happily accepted the rose and sealed it with a kiss.

One-on-One Date with Sarah

Matt had one date left and it was a one-on-one with Sarah. The date card read, "The sky's the limit for us." Their date was in a biplane! I would be terrified! Hopefully, no one throws up. Up, up and away they clung to each other as they soared through the air. Sarah said that Matt helped her feel safe. They even flew by where the other women were outside and gave them a wave. After the flight, they sat by a campfire in the woods together so they could talk. Matt said that it was hard for him not to be near his family, and asked how it was for her. She said she misses her family. She didn't mention her dad's ALS. He asked her how her dad felt about her being on the show and she said that he was "great." He could tell she was holding back.

That evening, Sarah told Matt that it's hard to talk about her dad because she's so private. She then told him that while she was in college they noticed that something was wrong with her father and that he was diagnosed with ALS. She said that it has been 5 years, so he's surpassed the doctor's expectations, but it's unimaginable watching him lose the ability to walk and speak. She shared that she quit her job anchoring and reporting the news to help be a caregiver to him. Sarah said that her dad did her hair as a little girl and now she's reciprocating that. Matt told her that he can't imagine what she's going through, but said that he's always leaned on his faith and he will be praying for her father and her family. He thinks she's incredibly selfless. Matt said it was an honor that she gave up time with her father to be there to date him. Sarah said her dad just wants her to find love, and she really wanted to meet Matt. Then Matt asked her what he could do to show her that could be the right guy for her. Wow. She told him she just wants him to be real and continue to reveal more of himself. With that, he offered her the date rose. She accepted and they kissed! They moved their date into the pool (or was it a large hot tub) and kissed some more.

Cocktail Party

Matt spoke to Abigail first since they didn't get to spend very much time together on the group date. She told him that if she plays with her earring it would be a code to him that she's thinking of him. He thought she was so cute.

Rachael told Matt that she knows that there's something there with him. Matt said, "Did you see me locking eyes with you? There is, there is!" in regard to a real connection.

Marylynn asked him why she didn't get a date that week and he said just because she wasn't on a date, it didn't mean that he wasn't thinking of her. He then took out some orchids that he got for her because she mentioned that she liked orchids. She was suddenly on cloud 9. The other women were really jealous, especially Victoria. Victoria said that Marylynn is "toxic."

Victoria pulled Matt aside to talk about Marylynn. She said that Marylynn was her roommate but she cries, manipulates situations, and caused her to sleep on the couch. Matt said that he had no idea that was going on and apologized. He asked if she's tried talking to Marylynn, but Victoria said no because Marylynn is "so toxic." "I'm not about bullying, that's whack," Matt said.

He pulled Marylynn aside and she was understandably shocked and said, "Am I in trouble?" Marylynn tried to defend herself in a very tactful manner. "I don't know what I can do to help you see that I'm telling you the God's honest truth Matt," she said. The other women told Victoria they don't agree with her assessment of Marylynn. Marylynn asked Victoria if they could talk and Victoria refused to sit next to her. She wanted to sit across from her so they could look each other in the face. Ok then. Marylynn said, "It's really loud, can I just sit here?" "No, I don't want to sit next to you," Victoria said again. Sheesh. Marylynn apologized for hurting her feelings and said that she doesn't want to fight and asked if they could just get along and come to an understanding. Marylynn said it in a very sincere way, but Victoria seemed to be having none of it. Marylynn started crying and MJ did not like the energy in the room. She and some of the other women didn't get any time to talk to Matt that evening because of the drama.

Rose Ceremony

1) Bri (one-on-one date rose)

2) Lauren (group date rose)

3) Sarah (one-on-one rose)

4) Pieper

5) Kit

6) Magi

7) Rachael

8) Abigail

9) Chelsea

10) Jessenia

11) Katie

12) Serena C.

Suddenly, Sarah got woozy. She started crying and said, "I'm seeing stars." Maybe it was just too long of a day for her? Maybe not enough water? Matt was concerned and rushed over as a producer helped her.

There are still roses to be given out, and the rose ceremony wasn't over, but Sarah was having a medical situation. So, the rest of it ceremony was put on hold. It's "to be continued" next week.

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