Matt disappointed when top contender decides to leave on 'The Bachelor'

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Sarah decides to leave 'The Bachelor'
Sarah breaks up with 'Bachelor' Matt James.

NEW YORK -- We picked up where we left off at the rose ceremony when Sarah suddenly fainted. Our "Bachelor" Matt took her to get some air. She felt better and they went back in to continue the rose ceremony. So here's where we are at:

Rose Ceremony

1) Bri (one-on-one date rose)

2) Lauren (group date rose)

3) Sarah (one-on-one rose)

4) Pieper

5) Kit

6) Magi

7) Rachael

8) Abigail

9) Chelsea

10) Jessenia

11) Katie

12) Serena C.

13) Khaylah

14) Mari

15) MJ

16) Anna

17) Kaili

18) Victoria

So that meant Marylynn, thanks to Victoria, was going home along with a few other more "normal" contestants. Victoria has her sights set on Sarah, whom she thinks fake fainted.

First Group Date

Chris Harrison told the ladies that he came up with some of the dates to help "push" Matt out of his comfort zone. The first date card read, "Rachel, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C., Victoria, Khaylah, Anna, Kaili, Katie today is a surprise for everyone."

The women and Matt walked in to hear a woman reading an erotic novel at a microphone. It was Ashley I.! She said that Chris Harrison wrote a book called "The Perfect Letter" and the women were challenged to write their own love story with Matt. Then, they all had to read their writing to a live studio audience made up of the other women who weren't on this date and Matt. Matt read a respectable one as an example first. The other women were surprisingly good at this. This date was really risqué! Katie with the dildo from night one's story was nearly bleeped the entire time. It was hilarious! That girl should be the next "Bachelorette" if she doesn't win! Victoria also had a really raucous version that was bleeped A LOT. She's so funny! It seems like they all had a lot of fun on this group date! Sarah however didn't have fun and said later she felt "dirty" watching their performances.

At the date's after-party, Matt got to spend some one-on-one time talking with each of the women. Rachael told Matt that she was super uncomfortable but Matt said that he thought she really came out through the story and it felt real. He told her he likes how their relationship is progressing. Bri and Matt seemed to keep their connection going.

Sarah Melts Down, Interrupts the Group Date

The next date card arrived. It read, "Serena P. Let love lead the way." Sarah refused to hear the next date card read and wouldn't go down from her room to hear it. She said that she's dealt with commitment issues in the past and jealousy. She hates to think of Matt having special moments with other women. She put her coat on and walked over to the group date! Katie was upset that her time was interrupted by Sarah, who wasn't even supposed to be on this date. Sarah told Matt that it's very abrupt for her to flip a switch from being super emotional on the one-on-one to going back to the group date. Matt seemed to take it in stride and tried to tell her that he feels the same as her and it's just not a normal time. Katie went back and tried to get her time back, but Sarah sent her away. Matt told her to think about their conversation at dinner and to just not compare things. Katie came back again and even sat next to Matt! Sarah asked him to walk her out and made out with him as she left.

She just put a big target on her back. She sensed that, went in, and apologized to the other women. They wouldn't accept it and said she should have talked to them first. Sarah left crying and Victoria came out to see if she was ok. Katie rushed down and joined in. She told her that she had a whole one-on-one and she should have found a different time than on their date. They didn't appreciate the whole vibe of the night being changed. Back at the group date, Matt picked up the group date rose and offered it to Rachael. She happily accepted it. There were a few women who didn't get their time to talk with Matt and they were very frustrated and upset.

Serena P. and Matt's One-on-One Date

Before they left on their date, Matt wanted to address what happened with Sarah on their group date. But, Sarah wasn't there. He went to find her in her room. He flopped on top of Sarah on her bed and then they also did some upright hugging. They sat and talked on the couch as Sarah complained and cried about how hard this process is for her. Matt told her that if she left it would be "a tragedy." He told her that he has real feelings for her and would even stop by every day to tell her that.

At last, Matt and Serena got to leave for their date and they went horseback riding. They had a nice easy time chatting as they rode along. Then, they had a picnic and had a conversation about their lives. She said her dad was very unsupportive of her going on the show because it's so untraditional. Serena P. said she trusts herself and her decisions and Matt agreed. He said it's been tough seeing his mom be alone as she gets older and is still alone. He wishes she had someone to grow old with. As they started to kiss, two donkeys came over and demanded to be pet! Then they talked about how turtles are a kids' pet and not for adults, haha! Serena said that she's falling "in like" right now, not quite in love yet. She noted that she is surprised at how much she likes Matt.

At dinner, Serena P. talked about how her last breakup was very painful. Matt said that his last relationship wasn't marriage material so he broke it off. He added that he's never been in love. Serena admitted that she's falling in like with him, and told Matt that she could see herself falling in love with him. He told her that he always looks forward to spending time with her. So, Matt offered her the date rose.

Sarah's Drama Continues

Back at the house, the drama with Sarah continued. She had apparently been hiding all day but then popped up when the date card arrived. She slid in as Rachael was about to read it. The other women confronted her and Sarah said she would like to address it. She apologized to the ladies on the group date and especially to Sarah for interrupting her. Sarah apologized some more to the rest of the women, and Victoria said, "Who is she talking to here?" They all started to blame her for taking up a bunch of their time, and Sarah kept apologizing. The others all vented their frustrations at her and Sarah said that she just didn't know what else to say. Also, can we talk about Victoria's eye sty?! Omg it looks painful!

Sarah went into another room to cry. Katie told Sarah that she didn't like to watch the other women attacking her. Sarah said she wants to leave. It's a combination of things, not just what happened with the other women. Katie said it's better for Sarah to stay and for Matt to explore his feelings with her so that Matt isn't picking someone else as his backup girl. Sarah said she's not in a good headspace and she needs to put her wellbeing first. She told Katie that her dad has a terminal illness and she needs to go be with him. Katie's dad passed away in 2012 and she told Sarah to go be with him because she would do anything to get even a few minutes back with her own dad. Sarah packed her bag and got in a limo to tell Matt that she was leaving.

Sarah Decides to Leave

Sarah went to Matt's room to tell him that she was leaving. She told Matt that she's starting to doubt things and she doesn't know if she can stay for the whole process. She needs to get home to her dad because it's weighing too hard on her. Sarah revealed that she tried to apologize to the other women and that they were mean to her. Matt told Sarah that their time together meant a lot to him and he doesn't want her to leave. She said she has prayed on it and feels called to go home to her family. "I just don't think I'm ready for this," she told Matt. Matt promised to think of her and pray for her, her father, and her whole family.

Preview of Next Week's Episode

Next week, the women try to raise Matt's spirits. But then, five new girls arrive! What?! Talk about a shocker! Where have they been hiding these women?

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