Meet the miracle medical student who defied all the odds

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Thursday, February 11, 2021
Miracle Med Student Survives Six Brain Surgeries
This young woman had to learn to walk again after SIX brain surgeries.Claudia Martinez underwent SIX brain surgeries all while still enrolled in medical school and had to learn to walk again.

HOUSTON -- Claudia Martinez was just a normal college student before her life took a terrifying turn.

"... I started getting symptoms. Headaches, numbness, and tingling in my legs," She says. That's when doctors discovered that her brain was just a little bit too large for her skull, which caused a compressed spinal cord. "But for me, I didn't see it as a barrier at all. I just kept persevering. I had brain surgery in colleges. I continued having brain surgery during medical school."

After she had these surgeries, Claudia experienced a stroke that left her unable to function from the waist down. She had to learn how to walk and do simple tasks like brushing her teeth again. But through it all, she maintained her dream of becoming a doctor.

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