Managing your mental health during the holidays

ByTyra Whitney WLS logo
Saturday, November 27, 2021
Managing your mental health during the holidays
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Tips from NAMI Chicago to maintaining your mental health this holiday season.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Holidays can be stressful on all Americans, especially those dealing with their mental health.

Large gatherings, parties, social events and the pandemic have created a need for everyone to navigate the holidays.

-Start with a positive mindset and leave the baggage behind.

-Detour around your triggers.

-Slow down on emotional responses and take time to see the bigger picture.

-Stop at old causes of conflict and view the potential change and growth that may have occurred.

-Avoid the potholes (hot buttons) of conversation (politics, religion, and hot button issues).

-Take the scenic route. If you need to get up from the table and take a walk outside, go do it!

-Revisit old memories, but only the good ones!

-Unpack the following words from your holiday vocabulary: Why, But, and Should.

-Bring your best self!

You can also get help with several resources in Chicago.