Metra tickets purchased on Ventra app must be transferred to new phones

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Got a new phone for Christmas? Well, don't forget to manually transfer Metra tickets purchased via the Ventra app from the old phones to the new phone.

Metra issued a reminder Monday, noting that tickets purchased on the app are downloaded only to the phone and not the user's account, so that the tickets cannot be shared with others.

To transfer the tickets, visit and have the old and new phones handy. Log in to your account and click on the "My Metra Tickets" link. Then, click on the "Move Tickets to a Different Device" link and follow the prompts. Customers will need to sync the Ventra App on both phones to complete the transfer.

Customers who do not have their old device will need to complete the transfer by calling a Ventra customer service agent at 877-669-8368. Customers will need their new phone, as well as their Ventra account information, to transfer their tickets.

One-Way and 10-Ride Tickets that have already been launched cannot be moved; however, unused tickets can be. Monthly Passes that have already been launched can be moved only once.