I-Team: Ferguson, Missouri braces for more unrest after police fatally shot unarmed teen

FERGUSON, Mo. (WLS) -- The ABC7 I-Team is monitoring suburban St. Louis, where there have been two nights of violent protests after police shot an unarmed 18-year-old man, Michael Brown.

Police, protesters, residents, mourners and out-of-town activists have converged again Tuesday night on Ferguson, Missouri, north of downtown St. Louis. The town of 21,000 braced for another night of trouble after the police shooting of an unarmed teenager.

At a church service Tuesday night, attorney Benjamin Crump spoke on behalf of the Brown family.

"Michael Brown was executed. He was executed in broad daylight," said Crump.

As Michael Brown's mother and father listened, speaker after speaker demanded answers and accountability for what happened to this 18-year-old last Saturday night. Brown had been accused of stealing some cigars and was walking with a friend when a Ferguson police officer stopped them.

"Quickly became a violent encounter with the deceased individual and the officer having a fight. Shots were fired," said Chief Tom Jackson, Ferguson, Mo. Police Department.

Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds, according to a preliminary autopsy report on Tuesday night.

"My son didn't cause this. Somebody just did this to him," said Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown's mother.

Even as President Obama called the death "heartbreaking" and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder pledged justice department resources, protesters marched again with their hands up-symbolizing what they say was the teenager position when he was killed.

Within the last hour, a column of riot-equipped police lined Ferguson streets. This is where the past two nights authorities have had to fire rubber bullets and tear gas to control unruly crowds.

On Sunday night a parade of store looters made off with sporting goods and beauty supplies. Of the 10 people charged with felony burglary, tonight the I-Team has learned most of these arrestees were from out of town - only two actually live in Ferguson, Mo.

A no-fly zone is in place Tuesday night up to 3,000 feet over Ferguson. Police say their chopper was shot at several times on Sunday night. The town is just east of St. Louis Lambert Airport, but the FAA says commercial traffic is not being affected by the no-fly zone.
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