Disney's Aladdin on Broadway star Michael James Scott releases 'A Fierce Christmas' album

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Broadway star moves from the stage, to the studio..

Michael James Scott is known for singing "You ain't never had a friend like me" as the genie from Aladdin on stage.

But in an interview with Janet Davies, the star says "you ain't never" heard a Christmas album like this one.

It's called "A Fierce Christmas."

"We all need joy at the end of all of this crazy year," said Scott. "This year there's been a racial awakening, they're marching for equality and inclusivity and we're all in the middle of a pandemic and for me my answer to that and my protest to it all is joy, that's where this came from."

Releasing a Christmas album has been a lifelong dream for Scott, 39.

"People practice their Oscar speeches, their Emmy speeches and all that, meanwhile I've been practicing my album for as long as I can remember," Scott said. "Bringin in my Broadway influence, my gospel influence, just sprinkling theastis on it, that's what's up."

Scott doesn't know when he can be back on stage again. He performed at the Disney On Broadway Benefit concert that was streamed to help artists out of work.

"It is the heart of New York City," said Scott. "The arts pulse beat that is New York City is no longer there right now and even in Chicago like the Goodman, Steppenwolf, Cadillac Theatre, I love it so much and Chicago has been really good to me in my career. We will be back."
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