Woman's warning: Microblading eyebrows can lead to infection

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Thursday, May 3, 2018
Microblading warning
A Michigan woman is warning people about a potentially life-threatening infection she got after undergoing the popular eyebrow procedure microblading.

A Michigan woman is sending out a warning about the popular new beauty trend microblading.

The procedure uses tiny needles to cut the skin near the eyebrows, allowing pigment to seep in.

The woman -- known only as Jennifer -- says her brows looked great after she had the procedure.

But just days later, redness, swelling and pain took over.

She was hospitalized for several days with a potentially life-threatening infection.

Her dermatologist says Jennifer could have been allergic to the ink or something used to prepare her skin.

She could have also gotten an infection because she was told not to wash her face.

He recommends patients wanting microblading to do their research about the person performing the procedure.