New Laws 2015: Illinois laws that take effect January 1

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With the start of the New Year always comes a new set of laws to obey. Read a complete list here, and see the top 15 new laws for 2015

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Graphics courtesy Illinois Senate Democrats

Full List of new laws to take effect in 2015:

HB 5079
Requires individuals who want trapping licenses to obtain certificates of competence (exempts current/recent license holders)

HB 5080
Changes permit rules for commercial waterfowl hunters, adds waterfowl outfitters to the guidlines for turkey and deer outfitters

HB 5082
Increases the maximum size of casting nets; allows commercial fisherman to use these nets to collect Asian Carp and bait fish

HB 5085
Allows universities and the Dept. of Agriculture to research industrial hemp

SB 0902
Bans the sale, transfer, possession, etc. of certain reptiles and amphibians taken from the wild; creates a permit process for owning other reptiles and amphibians

SB 2662
Allows farm mutual insurance companies to invest in additional types of bonds; makes other technical changes

SB 3333
Allows the Department of Natural Resources to add additional species to Illinois' list of recognized aquatic life by rule

HB 4535
Allows nonresidents who earn advanced degrees in architecture to waive English language tests

HB 4687
Reduces the fee for shipping medical nuclear isotopes less than 100 miles entirely within Illinois

HB 4707
Allows CPAs from other states to account in Illinois for up to 6 months while DFPR processes their applications

HB 4790
Makes various minor changes relating to hair care licenses and certifications

HB 5685
Finishes the process of repealing the Savings and Loan Act by moving all of its pieces to other areas of statute

SB 0499
Changes the Tri-City Regional Port District to the America's Central Port District and expands its jurisdiction

SB 0728
Establishes that multiple offenses for sales of alcohol to a minor only accure during the five year period after the initial offense

SB 1778
Creates regulations for resale dealers, similar to pawnshop brokers; excludes areas with populations over a million

SB 1999
Allows day care/child care licensing applicants to meet the requirement of proving they have graduated high school by proving they have graduated college

SB 2922
Prohibits public insurance adjusters from accepting payment over 10% of the insurance settlement for catastrophic events; allows exemptions

SB 2952
Amends Self-Storage Facility Act, allows notifications to be sent via email

SB 3044
Removes a provision requiring that real estate broker license requirements include real-time discussion between the instructor and students

SB 3103
Expands the definition of beer to include all beverages brewed or fermented from malt products, specifically hard ciders

SB 3290
Exempts off-road riding facilities from liability for noise emissions

SB 3324
Makes a variety of changes to the law regulating purchasing industrial insurance from unauthorized insurers

SB 3506
Allows the use of "urgent care" in the name of urgent care centers, bringing Illinois in line with the other 49 states

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