New Laws 2016: Illinois laws that take effect January 1

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Thursday, February 25, 2016
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CHICAGO (WLS) -- With the start of the New Year always comes a new set of laws to obey. Read a complete list here, and see the top 16 new laws for 2016 above.

With the start of the New Year always comes a new set of laws to obey. Read a complete list here, and see the top 16 new laws for 2016.

Full list of new laws to take effect in 2016:

HB 0095 Brings Illinois statute into line with Supreme Court rules for the pretrial discovery process

HB 0123 Reforms Illinois' mining laws, including increasing bond penalties

HB 0152 Requires schools to have carbon monoxide detectors

HB 0163 Prohibits ISBE from having separate performance standards for students based on race or ethnicity

HB 0169 Requires law enforcement agencies to destroy arrest records of individuals who were arrested due to mistaken identification

HB 0182 Allows township road districts to maintain privately owned roads that have essentially become public roads

HB 0184 Creates a program to distribute information to pregnant women about cytomegalovirusn

HB 0198 Prohibits parking a regular car at an electric car charging station

HB 0208 Designates pumpkin pie as the official State Pie

HB 0217 Prohibits gay conversion therapy and referring to homosexuality as an illness when advertising conversion therapy service

HB 0228 Prohibits creating new levels of government for four years

HB 0233 Reduces from 45 days to 30 days the time coroners and medical examiners have to transmit bodily specimens to the police when a homicide has occurred

HB 0235 Requires health insurance coverage to include anesthetics and charges for people under age 19 who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder

HB 0246 Proclaims Dec. 23 Scott's Law Day to remind drivers to slow down in work zones

HB 0299 Establishes that court security officers are not subject to Sheriff's Merit Commissions except in specific circumstances

HB 0303 Makes severance agreements for public bodies FOIAable

HB 0313 Raises the minimum amount to qualify for annual (rather than monthly) gas and oil rights payments to $100 (from $25); establishes rules for determining when a well is inoperative

HB 0330 Creates a recyclable metal theft task force

HB 0352 Legalizes bobcat hunting Agriculture &

HB 0362 Updates regulation so rules governing recordings of meetings cover digital recordings; replaces references to film

HB 0364 Allows the secretary of state to decline electronic payments received in the mail and to charge fees for those declined payments

HB 0369 Allows the statute of limitations time period to pause when sexual assault evidence is being collected, submitted and analyzed

HB 0373 Allows cities to purchase lands for park districts and museums

HB 1004 Extends repeal date and changes definitions concerning the AfricanAmerican HIV/AIDS Response Fund

HB 1081 Requires offenders guilty of 2 DUIs within 5 years to install breathalyzers on work and personal vehicles; only applies if SB 0627 (99th GA) becomes law; also suspends the issuance of special license plates after the issuance of universal special license plates

HB 1119 Prohibits the cost amount retained by the Cook County clerk of the court as bail bond to exceed $100 in Cook County

HB 1319 Clarifies that landlords who own buildings with more than 25 units must only pay lessees interest on their deposits at the end of the year if the value of interest is greater than $5; still requires full interest payment when the renter moves out

HB 1326 Prohibits dumping certain pollutants in the Mahomet Aquifer

HB 1335 Allows people dying from illness to try experimental treatments

HB 1337 Requires law enforcement to notify foreigners who are arrested of their right to seek help from the consul

HB 1359 Automatically suspends the license of any health care worker who is convicted of a health carerelated crime

HB 1446 Allows a barred person with a revoked driver's license to apply for a restricted driving permit after 5 years if certain conditions are met

HB 1453 Creates aggravated speeding offenses for speeding 26 or more mph in excess of the posted speed in a construction, maintenance or school speed zone

HB 1496 Requires dentists who did not graduate from American or Canadian universities to take an additional two years of training

HB 1498 Allows local governments to hold closed meetings to discuss school safety issues

HB 1516 Increases penalties for commercial drivers and their employers who violate transportation safety rules

HB 1530 Increases certain requirements of child care facilities that provide temporary homes to DCFS wards, including that they evaluate risk of running away and violence and establish rules to prevent curfew violations

HB 1531 Updates the Parentage Act, extending equal rights to every child and to his or her parent or to each of his or her two parents, regardless of the legal relationship between the parents

HB 1588 Broadens the civil cause of action that exists against a person who commits financial exploitation of an elderly or disabled person

HB 1660 Creates a hepatitis C task force within the Department of Public Health

HB 1665 Removes the legal liability from private school bus operators when their employees intentionally commit criminal acts

HB 1666 Establishes that forklift license plates need not be visible at all times

HB 1790 Establishes that teachers who received a CTE endorsement before Jan. 1, 2015, need not take a basic skills test to renew the endorsement

HB 2462 Allows residents of nursing homes or their representatives to use surveillance systems in their rooms at their own expense

HB 2471 Ends mandatory life sentences for minors

HB 2474 Requires county boards to provide more notice regarding their budgets

HB 2486 Allows people to produce food in home kitchens for charitable activities; expands the jams and jellies cottage food operators can sell and increases the allowable income to be a cottage food operation

HB 2495 Requires DCEO to work with national consumer groups to develop symbols to indicate containers are recyclable or compostable

HB 2505 Clarifies that temporary guardians are granted the limited powers and duties of a guardian

HB 2513 Updates tobacco dealer training requirements

HB 2543 Clarifies that DCFS is supposed to check with adult relatives before placing a child with an unrelated foster parent

HB 2547 Allows mobile homes missing VIN numbers to proceed under an annual tax judgment, sale, redemption or forfeiture

HB 2554 Sets the postmark date as the date filed for tax correspondence in regards to property tax disputes

HB 2556 Requires a variety of businesses to post human trafficking notices

HB 2567 Prohibits a minor under 13 years of age to be admitted or detained in a detention facility unless a local youth service provider has been contacted and has not been able to accept the minor

HB 2580 Allows groups of at least three nonfarmer landowners to appeal highway commissioner decisions to add lanes or expand roads; creates a process for changing weight restrictions on roads

HB 2635 Makes changes to the legal process relating to liens

HB 2640 Allows condo association members to participate in meetings over the phone or other electronic means and requires at least 48 hours' notice before an association meeting

HB 2706 Requires the Department of Public Health to publish riskadjusted mortality rates for hospitals; requires the published rates to include the riskadjusted mortality rates for cardiovascular complications and diabetes-related hypoglycemia complications.

HB 2722 Removes the requirement that an inmate released early from the Department of Corrections has their home address listed on the Community Notification of Inmate Early Release website

HB 2763 Prohibits hospitals from charging patients more for outofnetwork surgical assistants than innetwork

HB 2788 Requires the Department of Public Health to accept evidence of accreditation from the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care with regard to the health care network quality management and performance improvement standards

HB 2797 Creates an online process for applying to be a notary public

HB 2811 Allows seniors and people with disabilities to receive discounts on specialty plates in addition to regular license plates

HB 2925 Allows podiatrists to receive threeyear temporary licenses while taking postgraduate programs

HB 2932 State flags must fly at halfstaff when an Illinois resident dies during training for active military duty

HB 3102 Makes several technical changes to the State Universities Civil Service Act seeking to increase diversity in the workplace

HB 3103 Adds several consumer protection measures relating to ticket brokers and resellers of tickets

HB 3122 Allows private employers to adopt veterans preference policies for hiring

HB 3137 Prohibits insurers who provide coverage for prescription topical eye medication from denying coverage for refills when certain conditions are met

HB 3141 Requires the Department of Juvenile Justice to send a report to the General Assembly about various financial and demographic factors

HB 3149 Allows a person who earned a high school diploma, associate's degree, career certificate, vocational technical certification, bachelor's degree or passed the GED during the period of his or her sentence to petition for sealing

HB 3158 Requires IDPH to keep statistics and info on Down syndrome; prenatal physicians may pass this on to parents when a child is diagnosed with Down syndrome

HB 3161 In cases where an order of protection involves the surrender of a child, the surrender of a firearm or FOID card or the possession of a home, process must be served by law enforcement, not by a special process server (Cook County only)

HB 3184 Increases the penalty for aggravated assault against a peace officer, firefighter, emergency management worker or emergency medical technician from a misdemeanor to a felony

HB 3193 Allows a Home Equity Assurance Program to establish a Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program by a resolution of its governing commissions (currently this type of program can only be established through a public referendum)

HB 3231 Enhances penalties for abusing a pet in the presence of a minor

HB 3234 Changes the age requirement for a youth hunting license from 16 and under to 19 and under (or until the youth wants to hunt by himself or herself)

HB 3240 Increases penalties for not obtaining required licensing permits for building on public bodies of water

HB 3269 Requires all proceeds from the sale of the Master Mason license plates to be deposited into the Illinois Masonic Charities Fund

HB 3284 Creates a task force to strategize and design a plan for the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to aid the economic stability and growth of atrisk women and their families

HB 3359 Changes the definition of "amusement ride" to include slides (excluding at public parks)

HB 3369 Makes a variety of changes relating to mortgage brokering and lending licensing

HB 3375 Expands DPH authority from owners to operators of body piercing and tattoo facilities, and to unregistered tattoo and body piercing establishments; and to assess late fees for failures to renew facility permits

HB 3384 Gives civilian employees of the military longer to update their license plates after they move back to the US

HB 3425 Requires consumer reporting agencies to implement a free credit freeze for active military personnel

HB 3429 Amends the Illinois Securities Law by creating intrastate crowdfunding exemption

HB 3430 Allows the Department of Natural Resources the option of issuing a letter notifying an applicant for an oil or gas drilling permit of a deficiency in the permit application instead of just denying the application

HB 3457 Requires DNR to prioritize building handicapaccessible playground equipment construction

HB 3475 Changes who is considered an eligible offender for good conduct

HB 3485 Creates a task force to investigate disparities in procurement affecting AfricanAmerican businesses

HB 3512 Updates the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

HB 3533 Requires individuals convicted of a second DUI to use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) for at least five years

HB 3543 Makes several changes to how banks are regulated, including allowing the Secretary of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to assess receivership fees against banks that are not FDIC insured

HB 3552 Allows a person to determine how his or her gender identity is addressed in the disposition of his or her remains

HB 3556 Allows municipalities to share up to 1 percent of revenues from specific taxes related to one business district to pay for eligible costs in another business district

HB 3577 Requires the ISAC to consider giving grants to those attending a medical assistant program in the Roseland Community Medical District

HB 3599 Requires colleges and universities to give new students the opportunity to give parents or others access to their mental health records if they become a threat to themselves or others

HB 3619 Establishes that the Equal Pay Act applies to all employers

HB 3620 Allows civil courts to determine if witnesses or litigants are capable of expressing themselves in English; creates procedures for the appointment of an interpreter

HB 3622 Allows DNR to give up plats with permission of the governor

HB 3664 Removes Quarry Township from America's Central Port District but allows the municipality of Grafton to stay

HB 3667 Reduces the mandate that 25 percent of new state vehicles run on alternative fuels to 15 percent

HB 3670 Requires the state to revoke the driver's license of anyone convicted of causing a death while violating the Vehicle Code after notifying that person by mail

HB 3672 Requires real estate agents to file paperwork before helping property owners in counties that have property fraud alert systems

HB 3684 Creates a foster children's bill of rights

HB 3704 Allows school IEPs to count as evidence of disability for disqualifying jurors

HB 3718 Juvenile justice reform, including raising from 15 to 16 the age at which juveniles charged with the most serious crimes must be tried as adults

HB 3753 Allows the Department on Aging, subject to appropriations, to provide grants that integrate mental health services for older adults into primary health care settings

HB 3785 Allows a detainee's conduct while confined in county jail pending trial or sentencing to be used against him or her for purposes of revoking good behavior credits

HB 3788 Extends the time a car rental company can contest a toll violation

HB 3797 Gets rid of the fee for registering a vehicle if the vehicle belonged to a deceased spouse

HB 3812 Allows counties to use money from a specific transportation fund to buy equipment for law enforcement

HB 3848 Requires every hospital and health care professional to establish a billing protocol to ensure that no sexual assault survivor is billed for treatment

HB 3882 Technical change for Park Districts

HB 3884 Allows prisoners to be given 90 days (rather than 60) of sentencing credit for completing their GED

HB 3887 Requires State agencies review rules to make sure they're not burdensome to businesses

HB 3909 Allows the Fire Marshal and the Department of Insurance to prohibit the release of information to insurance companies if it would endanger physical safety

HB 3910 Allows title insurance companies to meet some state requirements using electronic communications and payments rather than paper processes

HB 3930 Modernizes the definition of sexual orientation in three hate crime related statutes to include actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality as well as genderrelated identity

HB 3967 Gives biological grandparents access to the Adoption Registry, giving them more access to needed medical and other important information

HB 3988 Requires people who intentionally falsely call 911 to reimburse the local government for all costs (up to $10,000)

HB 4006 Allows burn victims in certain lifethreatening circumstances to immediately receive the five months' pay that he or she would have received for Social Security had there not been a mandatory fivemonth waiting period

HB 4007 Legalizes using dust suppressants on fuel

HB 4015 Allows businesses to be issued lines producer licenses for insurance policies in certain situations

HB 4025 Requires two years of high school social studies, at least one semester of civics

HB 4029 Requires shelters to scan for microchips and use other methods of identification within 24 hours of taking in an animal; makes other changes to promote animal welfare

HB 4044 Allows various levels of local government to establish Juvenile Justice Councils

HB 4074 Allows people whose driving privileges were revoked in another state to get IL driver's licenses if they have lived here for 10 years and meet other criteria

HB 4097 Prohibits law enforcement agencies from refusing to accept missing person reports based on the person's mental state or medical condition (e.g. Alzheimer's)

HB 4112 Requires Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board to develop a curriculum for a mental illness crisis intervention training program

HB 4115 Requires the Department of Agriculture to post listings online of all gas stations that assist people with disabilities

HB 4120 Allows funeral directors and embalmers to transport bodies outside Illinois for 3 days for organ donation or autopsy without a transportation permit

SB 0009 Prohibits the selling of powdered caffeine to anyone under the age of 18

SB 0013 Clarifies the role of the Children and Family Services Advisory Council in advising DCFS

SB 0023 Allows undocumented residents and the children of immigrants to obtain law licenses

SB 0038 Provides that union members whose contracts have alternate shift schedules are not entitled to overtime

SB 0043 Directs IDOT to work with DHS to promote awareness of the human trafficking hotline through road signs, signs at truck stops and so on

SB 0045 Streamlines the procedure for outofstate subpoenas to be served on Illinois residents for purposes of discovery

SB 0057 Makes changes to laws regarding marriage, separation, divorce and the custody of children

SB 0066 Defines businesses that buy and sell used cell phones as resale dealers, making them subject to more legal safeguards to detect stolen goods

SB 0067 Prohibits the sale of powdered alcohol products

SB 0082 Makes it easier for community unit school districts, combined school districts and community consolidated school districts to pass referenda allowing them to elect school board members at large, without restriction by area of residence within the district

SB 0086 Allows counties to use private collection agencies and attorneys to collect unpaid fines and penalties

SB 0087 Allows counties to deposit up to 5% (rather than 3%) of their incomes into capital improvement accounts

SB 0090 Creates a presumption that wills written after a person becomes disabled are not valid; creates a process for people who have become disabled to legally modify their wills

SB 0094 Clarifies how and when the director of the Department of Insurance must value life insurance contracts relative to the effective date of a new Valuation Manual

SB 0125 Creates a Class A misdemeanor for a person who causes a dog or cat to suffer from exposure, resulting in injury or death

SB 0159 Clarifies and improves the Health Care Power of Attorney Act, including changes such as permitting agents to receive medical information right away

SB 0201 Creates an aggravating factor for sentencing if offenders promoted or patronized a prostitute if they knew that prostitute was ward of the state

SB 0207 Authorizes a harsher sentence for a person convicted of a sexual crime when he or she committed the crime against a person with a developmental disability he or she was legally or professionally responsible for caring for

SB 0209 Allows being a victim of domestic violence to be a mitigating factor at sentencing

SB 0223 Creates ISAC grants for people exonerated and released from prison to use at public universities for undergraduate, graduate or GED studies

SB 0224 Sets forth criteria to be considered when there is a petition to change school district boundaries

SB 0226 Requires DHS and ISBE to develop a training program for case workers in every public school to register students who are developmentally disabled and qualify for services (under the PUNS list)

SB 0248 A political committee that makes an independent expenditure of at least $1,000 must file a disclosure report within five days or within two days if the expenditure is made within 60 days before an election

SB 0344 Requires O'Hare, Midway and newly constructed airports to create breastfeeding rooms

SB 0369 Allows cities to annex tracts of land smaller than 1 acre if they're separated by only some type of nature preserve or open land program

SB 0376 Places Cook County Forest Preserve police officers under the direction of the local police they're assisting if they are outside of district boundaries

SB 0378 Allows Cook County Forest Preserve board to designate another officer besides president to sign contracts

SB 0379 Clarifies that only specific county building rules apply Cook County Forest Preserve building rules apply to the district, not county building codes or municipality codes

SB 0418 Creates exceptions to the rule that no more than 10 percent of supplemental LIHEAP funds carried over from a previous year may be spent on administration

SB 0455 A pharmacist may dispense an interchangeable biologic product instead of the prescribed one if certain conditions are met

SB 0564 Requires the governor's office of boards and commissions to create an email listserv to send users notifications of meetings and list all meetings online for at least 48 hours beforehand

SB 0621 Allows authorized vehicles that are occasionally used as rescue vehicles to use red or white oscillating lights when responding to an emergency call

SB 0625 Updates the duration of rental car license plates and registration; allows either 2year or 5year registration

SB 0627 Requires people with a restricted driving permit from DUIs resulting in death or injury or who have two or more DUIs to only operate vehicles with ignition breathalyzers; requires law enforcement to inform individuals suspected of DUI of the consequences of refusing an alcohol test in writing

SB 0636 Increases the number of runways O'Hare can operate from eight to ten without obtaining state authorization; creates new noise reporting requirements

SB 0659 Requires the creation of a state website for businesses considering relocating to or opening in Illinois

SB 0663 Creates the Coroner Training Board, which will establish mandatory standards relating to the training of coroners

SB 0681 Designates a number of new toxic weeds Environment &

SB 0689 Allows home health care and hospice nurses to pick up patients' prescriptions

SB 0691 Requires nongovernment owned or operated Cook County health care facilities with more than 100 beds to develop a policy to encourage the participation of minorityowned, womanowned, veteranowned and small business enterprises in capital projects

SB 0706 Makes changes to criminal history information disclosure requirements for applicants for employment

SB 0718 Gives the Office of the State Fire Marshal (rather than the Elevator Review Board) power to authorize elevator worker licenses and prescribes a standard inspection form that must be used, even if local governments use their own elevator inspectors

SB 0735 Adds more situations to the list of situations where a special representative is not needed when a person with a mortgage dies

SB 0748 Sets requirements for becoming a dental emergency responder

SB 0750 Requires insurance companies to update dental provider directories

SB 0751 Protects dentists who administer vaccinations at public health clinics from liability unless their actions constituted willful or wanton misconduct

SB 0760 Requires community colleges to accept credit hour from private vocational working hours in certain fields

SB 0764 Requires county sheriffs and municipal police departments with more than 100 employees to maintain AEDs and train an adequate number of personnel to administer them

SB 0804 Allows county court service fees to exceed $25 in some circumstances to reflect the rising cost of court security

SB 0806 Makes it easier for students who achieve associate's degrees at Illinois community colleges to transfer to Illinois public universities

SB 0810 Reduces the waiting period for retaking the public adjuster license exam

SB 0813 Allows rather than requires the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Illinois to establish a Rural Transition program

SB 0818 Protects records and communications made providing mental health and developmental disability services from disclosure

SB 0844 Speeds up the time span for getting criminal records sealed or expunged

SB 0903 Requires the Comptroller to maintain the existing online databases The Ledger and The Warehouse

SB 0920 Counties and municipalities may establish standards for wind farms notwithstanding any other provision of law.

SB 0986 No person may be employed in a child care facility that cares for children under 6 unless he or she has received the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines

SB 1129 Adds various synthetic drugs to the list of Schedule I controlled substances

SB 1228 Clarifies that raw milk does not fall under federal labeling requirements; allowing it to be sold in certain circumstances

SB 1252 Allows the Gray Township Board to transfer money between specified funds by 1/1/16

SB 1253 Requires all managed care entities that do business with Medicaid to have language policies in place to serve nonEnglish speakers

SB 1298 Mandates hospitals provide patients with an opportunity to designate a caregiver before leaving the hospital

SB 1308 Requires courts to compel appearance of anyone who is liable to the estate of a ward pursuant to any civil cause of action

SB 1309 Gives representatives and human services providers of disabled adults access to specific records under adult protective services

SB 1335 Allows prosecutors to receive copies of unfounded reports of child abuse if the same victim/perpetrator are involved in a new case of child abuse

SB 1377 Criminalizes falsifying any information on an application, permit, record or other document required for submission to the Department of Natural Resources

SB 1383 Creates a program called ABLE to allow families to save for individuals with disabilities in an account that must be used to supplement other sources of care/income

SB 1388 Requires temporary stop signs be placed when regular signs are stolen/destroyed; specifies requirements for how long they are to be used before permanent signs are placed

SB 1389 Comfort dogs; In taking testimony from a minor or person with a developmental disability in a sex offense case, the court may allow the use of a service dog

SB 1424 Lets garbage trucks use amber flashing or oscillating lights

SB 1440 Consumer protections for borrowers considering reverse mortgages

SB 1441 Allows law enforcement to impound a vehicle if driven by an uninsured driver who has a prior conviction; requires law enforcement agencies who do street patrol to maintain a tow rotation list (does not apply to Chicago Police Dept); increases the fine for a tow truck soliciting at the scene of an accident

SB 1444 Allows board members to collect per diems and stipends for only one meeting when meetings are held within a sevenconsecutiveday period, with exceptions

SB 1455 Requires high schools to give students a college readiness exam that is accepted by Illinois' public universities

SB 1466 Allows pharmacists to dispense opioid antagonists if the protocols are filed with the Board of Pharmacy, and if the pharmacist has completed an approved training program; allows health care practitioners to prescribe naloxone in the name of a licensed pharmacist

SB 1482 Extends the repeal date of automobile insurance verification by the Secretary of State to Dec.31, 2016

SB 1487 Requires Cook County to establish a pilot program that permits documents to be recorded against a foreclosed property by judicial order only

SB 1498 Expands the definition of "free medical clinic" in the Good Samaritan Act to include programs organized by a certified local health department utilizing members of the Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

SB 1504 Allows optometrists to use testimonials in their advertisements as well as the words "hospital" and "university" if they have relationships with one of these institutions; makes other licensingrelated changes

SB 1560 Juvenile justice reform, including limits on prison sentences and a clarification of who can be charged as a juvenile

SB 1571 Employers, property and casualty insurers are not required to reimburse a person for cost associated with medical use of cannabis

SB 1589 Establishes that Korean, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans no longer pay fees for license plates; also clarifies how SoS fees are distributed

SB 1595 Creates the Music Therapy Advisory Board Act that must report recommendations for the certification, training, curriculum and best practices of music therapists.

SB 1620 Extends repeal date of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act to 2020

SB 1645 Requires utilities to defer deposit fees for 60 days for victims of domestic violence with orders of protection who flee their abusers

SB 1665 Establishes that medical foster homes overseen by the Department of Veterans Affairs are not nursing homes

SB 1672 Creates a Prevention of Signficant Deterioration pollution permit program

SB 1680 Allows for all documents relating to insurance coverage be stored and transmitted electronically, under certain conditions

SB 1704 Allows local governments to temporarily prohibit or limit highway use

SB 1714 Extends Arcola and Paris TIF districts

SB 1735 If an animal owner is arrested for animal cruelty, the animals can be impounded onsite

SB 1764 Expands the requirement that insurance cover fertility treatments to include inability to conceive

SB 1775 Requires DCFS to report a child missing if 1) the child is not seen by a DCFS employee for 12 hours and 2) the child is gone from the facility without prior approval

SB 1806 Pushes back the date the Insurance Guaranty Fund must submit a financial report

SB 1820 Requires pawnbrokers to keep an accurate record of all goods they receive and to wait at least 10 days before disposing of any item and 15 days for items that are missing serial numbers due to normal wear

SB 1846 Creates a Silver Alert system for missing adults with Alzheimer's, dementia or other cognitive impairments

SB 1847 Expands SNAP (food stamp) benefits to anyone who is elderly, blind or disabled and makes 200% or less of the federal poverty level, and to anyone who makes less than 165% of the federal poverty level

SB 1859 Prevents employment agencies from violating the Minimum Wage Law, the Wage Payment and Collection Act or interfere with rights granted by any wage law of the state

SB 1866 Prohibits debt reclamation activities against victims awaiting crime victims' compensation until after that compensation has been received

SB 1882 Allows currency exchanges to offer more services; limits the number of currency exchanges within specified geographic areas; makes other related changes

SB 1898 Makes various changes relating to Illinois ID cards, including limiting the SoS to issuing 3 ID cards per year and 10 per the life of the individual, with some exceptions

SB 1899 Requires lowspeed vehicles to meet certain requirements for street operation

SB 1938 Requires courts to share reports with holding facilities when criminal defendants are found medically unfit to stand trial