New Year's Eve storm to move across US with heavy snow, winds, severe thunderstorms

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Cold Arctic air in the East Coast brought almost 2 feet of snow to western New York -- from Hamburg to Buffalo -- Saturday.

A record daily snowfall of 18.4 inches was recorded Saturday at Buffalo International Airport.

Also, up to 14 inches of snow fell in western Pennsylvania, not far from Erie, and up to 13.5 inches fell in the Cleveland metro area over the last few days.

Few inches of snow are expected to fall Sunday morning over western New York. The lake-effect snow will end later, as winds shift and cold air moves out.

It is expected to be near 40 degrees and rainy in Buffalo on Monday.

Chilly weather has extended all the way to Florida, where freeze warnings have been issued. Sunday is the last morning the South will experience wind chills.

A new storm will cross the country, just like last week, from California to New York, with heavy rain, snow, ice and strong winds.

On Sunday night, the storm will move into San Francisco and Los Angeles with heavy rain, gusty winds and mountain snow.

By Tuesday and Wednesday, the storm will move into the central U.S. with heavy snow for Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Heavy rain is expected to fall along the Mississippi River Valley, and strong to severe thunderstorms are possible in Texas.

By New Year's Eve, rain and wind will hit all major cities in the Northeast, from Boston to Washington, D.C.

Further south, heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected along the Gulf Coast and Tennessee River Valley.

Further west -- from Texas to Oklahoma and Missouri -- rain could turn to snow and ice.

This week, a lot of snow is expected to fall in the West, Midwest and Southern Plains.

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