Toledo Zoo welcomes newborn giraffe Kipenzi

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Friday, April 7, 2017
Kipenzi the newborn giraffe.
Kipenzi the newborn giraffe.
Kipenzi the newborn giraffe.
Kipenzi the newborn giraffe.
Toledo Zoo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WLS) -- While the world continues to wait for April the Giraffe to give birth, a giraffe at the Toledo Zoo beat her to the punch this week.

On Monday, Elli gave birth to calf Kipenzi, a female giraffe who weighs 130 pounds and stands 67 inches tall, the zoo said. Kipenzi means beloved or precious one in Swahili.

Both Elli and Kipenzi are doing well and bonding while they are off exhibit, the zoo said. They will remain off exhibit until they are examined and cleared by the zoo's veterinarians and animal care staff.

Kipenzi belongs to the Masai sub-species of giraffe, which are native to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Each giraffe has a unique spot pattern, but giraffes from the same geographic area have similar patterns.

Giraffes typically give birth standing up, and the calves are born front feet and head first. Within about an hour, the calf can walk and nurse and they begin eating vegetation when they are about a week old.