2nd hot air balloon crash lands in Huntley in 5 days

For the second time in five days, Huntley crews responded to an emergency landing of a hot air balloon.

On Wednesday, the Huntley Police Department received a call at 7:26 a.m. of a hot air balloon that had crash-landed in the street on Windy Prairie Drive near Songbird Lane.

Police say the balloon landed safely and there were no injuries or damage. The balloon is operated by Sky Soaring from Hampshire and had three passengers, in addition to the pilot, police said.

The pilot told police the wind was carrying the balloon and he did not want to cross Route 47 and get near the power lines along I-90. A support vehicle arrived within minutes to assist in the removal of the balloon, police said.

On Friday, at 8:21 p.m., a hot air balloon operated by International Balloon Management landed at Pinecrest Golf Course with three people, police said. One passenger suffered minor injuries as a gust of wind blew the balloon after it landed. The balloon caused damage to a tree and a portion of the golf course, police said.
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