Good Samaritan hops out of car to save choking man

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A choking man was desperate for air and for help in Rochester, and that's when a Good Samaritan jumped in and saved his life.

It was an amazing moment captured on DashCam video.

Pavel Fesyuk, a local exterminator, knew something wasn't right when he arrived at an intersection and saw the man bent over by the trunk of his car.

Fesyuk's quick thinking was put to the test as he sprung into action.

"I came out and asked him what was wrong, and he said -- ack -- you know," he said. "He's like, pat my back, so I started patting his back. And he kind of was showing me how he wanted it done, and he's demonstrating, and I'm trying. But I was like, I'm just going to do the Heimlich."

After a couple thrusts, the man ended up swallowing whatever was stuck in his throat.

Pavel says his training in mixed martial arts helped tremendously during the rescue. null
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