Infant shot by mother's boyfriend in murder-suicide, police say

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. -- ABC11 has learned the 2-month-old Fayetteville boy, who was shot during an apparent murder-suicide, is expected to make a full recovery.

The baby is recovering at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. A family member tells ABC11 the child's eyes are open and he is eating thanks to a feeding tube.

A four-minute drive away from the hospital, is where the boy was shot at his home and his mother was killed.


Jessica Parker was in the midst of moving Wednesday night. The 32-year-old was getting things out of her Cumberland Road rental in a hurry. As she was packing, authorities say her boyfriend, 35-year-old Sherell McNeill, killed her and shot her infant son, King, McNeill then turned the gun on himself.

Eunice Morris has known Parker for years and rented several properties to the young mom, including the one where she was killed.

Jessica Parker

image courtesy family

"I can't understand what happened," said Morris. "I don't know why a person would hurt her like that. For goodness sakes. You never know what's going to happen do you?"

We're told she was taking online college courses in an effort to better her life.

Parker moved into the home in November. At that time, she was pregnant with King. She wanted a place with a big backyard for her older children to play safely.

Sherrell McNeill

image courtesy Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

"She loved them children," Morris said. "They were well behaved children."

The older ones heard the shots fired Wednesday night and called 911. The kids hid behind a car and explained to the dispatcher their father had a pistol and killed mom.

"This 8-year-old is wise beyond his years," said Cumberland County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Sgt. Sean Swain. "He knew enough to unlock the passcode of the phone and dial 911 to tell them in good detail what had happened."

Authorities said there was some sort of argument between Parker and McNeill before the shooting.

Those who knew Parker are now praying for the baby's recovery and thankful the other children weren't hurt.

"I'm just surprise he didn't shoot those other two kids," said Morris. "Those other two children were lucky I think because he must have went crazy."

At last check, those children are in Protective Services and authorities are working to reunite them with family members.

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