Jenniffer Weigel talks new book 'Psychics Healers & Mediums'

CHICAGO -- Journalist and author Jenniffer Weigel is back on WCL to talk about her latest book "Psychics Healers & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip, and Voices from the Other Side."

If the last name sounds familiar , Weigel is the daughter of the late great sportscaster Tim Weigel. Since her father passed away from brain cancer, she has been on a journey that has taken many spiritual forms. She's written "Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side," "I'm Spiritual, Dammit!" and "This Isn't the Life I Ordered."

In her latest book, Jen interviews eight of the top psychics healers and mediums in the field, and delves into their gifts and tells us what a reading from each of them was like. For each person interviewed she brought along a "control" subject, someone who is not in the public eye (like Jen is) to get a reading and get their thoughts on the experience.

Find out more about Jenniffer Weigel on her website.

With Jen was one of the subjects of the book, the Manhattan Medium, Thomas John.

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Thomas John has been a guest on WCL and came back to do a one on one reading with someone who has had a devastating loss in their life.