Darius Pinex's mother calls for officer who fatally shot her son to be fired

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The mother of a man shot and killed by a Chicago police officer during a traffic stop is still fighting for justice.

Darius Pinex's family received a settlement from the city for the deadly shooting, but now his mother is calling for the firing of the officer who fired the shot.

Gloria Pinex said Raul Mosqueda should not be allowed to wear a badge. She is outraged that the officer is not only still on the police department, but recently started training to become a field training officer. Pinex says she will not give up until Mosqueda is removed from the force.

It's been almost six years since Darius Pinex was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop. Even after she was awarded a multimillion dollar settlement from the city, Gloria Pinex says the case is far from over.

"I got this far from fighting and keeping the faith and that is what I will continue to do fight and keep the faith," Gloria Pinex said.

Pinex is fighting for the firing of Mosqueda, the officer who fired the fatal shot. Not only is he still on the force, but Pinex has learned that Mosqueda is training to become a field training officer. While the new position is not considered a promotion in rank, it does involve mentoring and educating rookie cops.

"There is no way a murdering cop should be training rookie cops, this man has no business wearing the badge that he is wearing," Pinex said.

Mosqueda and his partner allege Pinex refused orders and drove away. Police reports said a gun was found in Pinex's car during federal civil court proceedings. A recording that was originally withheld by a city attorney, contradicted the officers' statements calling into question whether their traffic stop was legal.

The Chicago Police Department said union rules state that officers are allowed to test for a new position if the allegations against them are not sustained. Mosqueda's case is still being reviewed by IPRA.

"The police department likes to hide behind those contract provisions, they are problems of their own making," said Steve Greenberg, Gloria Pinex's attorney.

Mosqueda is not the only Chicago police officer involved in a police shooting that is on track to become a field training officer.

In 2010, Officer Michael St. Clair fatally shot a motorist during a traffic stop. His case cost the city a multimillion dollar settlement as well.
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