'SNL' Mocks Trump's Cabinet Picks, Affinity for Tweeting

Monday, December 12, 2016

Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump was absent from this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live," but the show's cold open still skewered the Republican president-elect -- namely the background of his cabinet picks -- and still featured a guest star: "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston.

And guest host John Cena filled Baldwin's shoes, in a sketch later on in the show, where Cena plays Trump having a strange fever dream, that mocks the size of his hands and his affinity for slamming the accuracy of mainstream news organizations.

The cold open featured "SNL" cast member Beck Bennett as CNN anchor Jake Tapper interviewing cast member Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway, Trump's senior adviser.

Asks Bennett's Tapper, "Are these bad picks?"

Then, in a nod to incoming White House chief strategist Steve Bannon's connection to the alt-right movement, McKinnon's Conway says, "No Jake, they are not bad. They are alt-good."

Then, in an announcement dripping with irony, one of the "picks" is introduced.

"We have some breaking news tonight," says Bennett's Tapper. "President-elect Trump has just made his choice for the head of the DEA, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, and it's a high sccool science teacher from New Mexico named Walter White."

Out comes Cranston, whose iconic Walter White character on the TV series "Breaking Bad" was a drug kingpin who manufactured meth.

"Walter is amazing," gushes McKinnon's Conway. "He came highly recommended by Steve Bannon."

Says Cranston's White, with a sly smile, "Oh yah, Steve's the best. We've had some times."

Ask Bennett's Tapper? "Where did Mr Bannon find you?"

"In the comments section of Breitbart," says Cranston's White, in a nod to the website Bannon previously ran.

Bennett's Tapper, seemingly suspicious, asks "And you're a high school teacher?"

"Yah," Cranston's White sheepishly answers.

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