Vigil held for John Cunningham Jr., missing Palos Park man

PALOS PARK, Ill. (WLS) -- Friends and family held a vigil Saturday night for a southwest suburban man that has been missing for over a week.

John Cunningham Jr., 27, has been missing for ten days, and his family is offering a large reward for information leading to a safe return.

For family and friends, fellow church-goers and those who have never met Cunningham, his disappearance is a mystery. They came together in prayer outside his family's church, looking for answers.

"It's the worst nightmare you could possibly go through. He's our only child," said Christina Cunningham, the missing man's mother. "We're very close. We see him every single week. Sunday we hang out. We love him to death."

His mother is the last know person to see her son more than a week ago when he walked out of his parents' Palos Park home.

A lawyer at a financial securities firm, he was apparently upset over a situation at work. He left without his wallet, phone or even shoes. His close friends say it makes no sense.

"Just knowing him, it doesn't at all seem like something he would do without telling his family or anybody," said friend Lauren Swintek.

Part of the reason for the gathering is not only to pray for his return, but to try to bring more attention to the case. The family has offered a $10,000 reward.

"We wanted to spread awareness, get the word out there that John's missing and we're doing everything we can to bring him home," said friend Mike Roupas.

"There is not a tip that is too small right now," John Cunningham Sr. said. "We are feeding off of the public."

Investigators used dogs to track John Cunningham Jr.'s scent. The last place they picked anything up was near the corner of Post and McCarthy. From here, they are relying on tips from the public.

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