VIDEO: Homeowner confronts porch pirate after catching her taking packages

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Thursday, October 25, 2018
Homeowner confronts possible porch pirates for taking packages
A Ring doorbell helped a Seabrook homeowner scold a woman caught taking packages off her front porch.

SEABROOK, Texas -- "'Am I seeing what I'm seeing?' I thought maybe she was delivering my packages and I saw her opening her passenger door. 'Oh, she's not delivering my packages.'"

Michelle Tull said she has seen these types of stories on ABC13 dozens of times, but when it happened to her on Tuesday, she could not believe it.

"(It's) very scary," she said.

It was during the lunch hour that Tull received an alert on her phone while at work. When she opened her Ring video doorbell app, she saw a woman on her porch taking her packages.

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Tull confronted the woman right through the app, asking what she was doing. The woman looks back and reacts, saying "Is this Deborah's house?"

When she tells the woman no and then demands her packages be placed back, the woman complies, quickly returning the packages while continuing to say she thought she was at "Deborah's house."

WATCH: Seabrook woman confronts person taking her packages

Homeowner scolds woman taking packages off porch

"She was very apologetic," Tull said. "I kind of felt like maybe she did have the wrong house, but I wasn't sure. We've been having problems in the area."

Tull raced home from work to call authorities.

"I talked to the police officers, they came to the house, they did say that people who do these things, they have a plan," she said.

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It was a surreal moment for Tull that many have experienced, but here's the kicker: the heavy boxes with Target logos are not cool gadgets or electronics.

"So she would have gotten home and been disappointed to see cat litter," she said. "I kinda wish she would have taken them."

It's a funny situation in her case, but she knows many have been through this scary ordeal, which is why she wants everyone to see the video.

"I just don't want anybody to be naive about the situation. It is that time of the year, the packages are getting stolen," she said.

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Everyone in the neighborhood now has the video, just in case "Deborah" doesn't truly exist.

"She didn't take my cat litter, but in case this was the real deal, we're watching you," Tull said.