You can rent 'Park A Pub' to roll up to the party with a taste of Ireland

ByMatteo Iadonisi Localish logo
Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Rent 'Park A Pub' to roll up to the party with a taste of Ireland
You can rent Philly's 'Park A Pub' to roll up to the party with a taste of Ireland!

HAVERTOWN, Pennsylvania -- Before John Chambers drove through town with a miniature Irish pub in tow, he lived in a small town in County Mayo, Ireland.

"Two or three bedroom house with about 10 kids. No electricity, no running water," said Chambers. "We lived out in the country, out in the mountains. We were like sheep farmers over there."

Chambers met his wife, Maureen, at a pub when she was visiting family in Ireland.

She convinced him to move to the United States of America and the rest was history.

A father of two, Chambers worked in the carpenter's union before branching out and working on his own projects.

He heard about the concept of mobile pubs popping up in Ireland and decided to use his skillset to build one for the Philadelphia region.

Now, 'Park A Pub' can be rented out for your next party.

"It shows people how we lived in Ireland," said Chambers. "So, this is a taste of Ireland outside their door."

The pub is a BYOB, meaning the renters must provide their own drink supply.

But the Chambers family takes care of setting up the full pub atmosphere.

This includes everything from authentically decorating the pub exterior to connecting the kegs to the taps.

"Especially when you see a day like today, where everybody is enjoying themselves and having a good time, it's like, that makes it worthwhile," said Chambers.

To learn more about Park A Pub, visit their website.