MUGSHOTS: 27 high-risk local parolees unaccounted for after Harvey

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is on the hunt for more than two dozen high-risk parolees living in Harris County who have been unaccounted for since Hurricane Harvey.

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During the storm, 500 parolees were evacuated from a flooded Harris County halfway house to other facilities around the state.

Since then, the Department of Criminal Justice has issued 69 warrants for parolees who have been unaccounted for since Harvey. Nine of those warrants have been executed, 33 have been withdrawn and 27 are still active:

  • Curry, Joshua Nathaniel
  • Hentze, Richard Andrew
  • Holloway, Deijuan
  • Sanchez, Bruce
  • Sanders, Nicolas, Ollie
  • Henry, Iesha N'kol
  • Howard, Charles
  • Jimenez, Larry
  • Sisson, Dale
  • Westbrook, Jimmy Don
  • Lawson, Ryan Lynn
  • Lee, Danny Joseph
  • Rodriguez, Alfonso Ray
  • Walker, Corey
  • Batiste, William Allen
  • Glass, Gavin
  • Harvell, David
  • Hughes, Justin
  • King, Steven
  • Kriger, James
  • Mcnew, Kevin Edward
  • Rasberry, Steven Edward
  • Sheffield, Ira Joe
  • Tatman, Corey Weing
  • Tolliver, Avean
  • Zipper, Julian Nicholi
  • Franco, Michael Eugene

Anybody with information about the whereabouts of any of the parolees listed above should contact police.