'King of Staten Island' director, Judd Apatow talks new movie starring SNL's Pete Davidson

CHICAGO (WLS) -- SNL's Pete Davidson brings his "take no prisoners" humor to the new movie, "The King of Staten Island," which begins streaming Friday.

Comedy powerhouse, Judd Apatow, who directed the film based on Davidson's real life, talked about the movie.

The plot follows Scott as he drifts through life. He's never gotten over the death of his dad, a firefighter.

Davidson's real father was a firefighter who lost his life on 9-11.

"When somebody offers up their true history, and you know that it's very important to them, it definitely raises the pressure. You don't want to ruin their life," Apatow said. "You feel that throughout the entire movie that it's not just an actor playing a part, it's actually a person sharing their life with the audience."

Maud Apatow, the director's daughter, plays Davidson's sister. She quit Northwestern University because she has been so busy acting.

"I was sad when she left Northwestern because I loved visiting her. I loved having a reason to go to Chicago," Apatow said. "I was like, wait a second, can I go there to visit without you?!

"I just want to do things that I'm passionate about- sometimes I can be passionate about the silliest, dumbest comedy in the world, and other times I like to do things more substantial," he said.
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