Men rob Wacky Zaki's bar patron, caught when they stop for gas while fleeing

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Armed robbery suspect arrested at gas station
Armed robbery suspect arrested at gas station. Jeannette Reyes reports during Action News at 5:30 a.m. on November 13, 2017.

LOWER MORELAND, Pa. -- Two Philadelphia armed robbery suspects were caught by police after they stopped for gas in Lower Moreland, Montgomery County, authorities say.

It all started around 1 a.m. Monday at a bar called Wacky Zaki's along Veree and Red Lion roads in Somerton.

Police say there were about a dozen people at the bar for a birthday party.

One of the partygoers went down to the basement of the business to use the men's room when police say two men armed with guns attacked him.

Police say there was a violent struggle that left quite a bit of blood.

The men stole the 41-year-old victim's wallet, cell phone, keys and cash.

As they left the business, police say they pointed their guns at the other patrons.

One of the witnesses, however, followed the men to their car and got a description of the white van they were driving.

Philadelphia police were quickly notified.

They then alerted Lower Moreland Township police.

Soon, Lower Moreland officers saw the men pumping gas at a Wawa along Philmont Avenue and Red Lion Road.

Action Cam: Suspects caught at Montco gas station on November 13, 2017.

"It was really, really good communication and cooperation between two police agencies, Philadelphia and Lower Moreland, to get the description to them that quickly and make the arrest. We are really lucky that the getaway car needed some gas," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

The stolen items and weapons were recovered in the backseat of the van.

They were returned to the victim who is expected to be OK.

The men were positively identified by the victim and the other patrons of the bar.