NFL QB responds to Twitter user calling photo of dog with dead geese offensive

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Wentz responds to Twitter user calling his photo offensive
Wentz responds to Twitter user calling his photo offensive: Brian Taff reports during Action News at 4:30pm on January 2, 2018.

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz says he's not going to stop tweeting about the things he's passionate about after a follower said one of his photos may be offensive to others.

On New Year's Day, the injured QB posted photos of his dog to celebrate her 5th birthday.

"Happy 5th Birthday to Mama Henley! We've been through a lot in 5 years. Best dog and hunting buddy I could ask for!" Wentz tweeted.

One photo showed the dog as a puppy. The other was an image of Wentz's dog near of a number of dead geese during hunting season.

A Twitter user commented on Wentz's photo, saying, "As a friend, I wanted to quickly highlight that a man in your influential position might cause (offense) through the posting of your first picture. I support its sentiment however the context and content of the pic could offend."

It took Wentz less than 20 minutes to give his reply.

"Appreciate that, but offensive and controversial? Two of the main things I tweet about are Jesus and hunting. That's what I'm passionate about and that won't ever change! When you love something, you talk about it! Stay convicted about it and don't worry what others think!" Wentz tweeted.

Wentz frequently posts about his dogs, hunting, and his faith on his social media accounts.

On his A01 Foundation website, it lists sports, the outdoors, and faith as topics under his biography.

The site reads, "He is an active outdoorsman and values all of the lessons that can be learned from the great outdoors. As his passion with the outdoors grew, he decided to purchase his first dog while he was a junior in college. While most thought he was crazy for taking on the responsibility of a dog while going to school and being the starting quarterback, Carson loved every moment of raising Henley. His passion for these four-legged creatures has been growing since the first day he brought Henley home in 2013. In fact, in the winter of 2016, Henley had her first litter of pups and Carson is now the proud owner of Henley and one of her son's, Jersey."

The biography continues, "While Carson attended North Dakota State University, his faith grew immensely. With a little help from current NDSU teammates, Carson's faith soared to new heights. Like all of Carson's passions, he quickly dug in and wanted to learn more. He became an active member of the team Bible study, a regular attendee of church, and shared his testimony with many at North Dakota State University."

Wentz is currently recovering from a torn ACL. He was seen on Sunday during the Eagles regular season finale supporting his team on crutches.

Carson Wentz takes the field on crutches to support his teammates on December 31, 2017.