Tips, tricks to prepping your lawn for winter

Now is the time to take care of your lawn before we get into winter.

Horticulture Information Specialist and Manager of Education at Chalet Jennifer Brennan joined ABC7 Chicago in the studio to give some tips and tricks to prepping your lawn for the colder months.

Now is a great time to "feed, weed and seed," meaning you should be fertilizing lawns, removing weeds and applying disease-resistant grass seed matched to sunlight areas.

September and early October are also great for planting spring-flowering bulbs. Brennan recommends buying bulbs now to get the best quality and largest selection.

She said to plant in "bulb bouquets" by dig a hole eight inches deep and 10 inches wide. You then put in 10 major bulbs in the bottom and 10 minor bulbs around the edges. Brennan said you only need to plant five bouquets to display 100 bulbs and reminds us to use bulb food and repellent to keep squirrels away.
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