Parents of California Home Depot shooting victim remember their beloved son

Blake Mohs, a 26-year-old loss prevention employee at the Home Depot, was killed while trying to stop a theft attempt.

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Thursday, April 20, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Parents of Home Depot shooting victim remember their son
Parents of Blake Mohs share memories about their beloved son who was killed in a shooting during an attempted shoplifting at an Pleasanton Home Depot.

NEWARK, Calif. -- The parents of Blake Mohs spoke exclusively with ABC7 News about their beloved son who was killed in a shooting during an attempted shoplifting at an California Home Depot.

On Tuesday afternoon, authorities say Blake Mohs was killed while trying to stop a theft at a Home Depot in Pleasanton. Mohs was a loss prevention employee. He was 26-years-old.

Blake's mother, Lorie Mohs, said from at a young age, Blake loved family and community.

When he was 14-years-old, he joined the Boy Scouts.

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Police have identified the victim in a deadly shooting at a Pleasanton Home Depot during an attempted shoplifting.

"The friendships and the relationships he started to build and the leadership and the assertive you know I can attitude started to come out in him," Lorie Mohs said.

Lorie Mohs said her son went all the way with scouting, in 2014 he became an Eagle Scout, which is the highest honor in the organization.

"If you go into the military you start one level up. That's the kind of honor is an Eagle Scout," Lorie Mohs said.

These keepsakes are now remembrances. She wore a scout parent pin as she talked to ABC7. She brought out the flag that had flown when Blake became an Eagle Scout.

"It's just a different perspective when you hold it and not him," Lorie Mohs said.

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Scouting for Blake Mohs continued on into his adulthood. He volunteered at Camp Royaneh in Cazadero, California, where he met his fiancée, Kasey. For years the couple volunteered together.

"They looked at each other and they had seen each other for a long time, but then they saw each other differently and almost five years later they were planning a wedding and a future," Lorie Mohs said.

The couple were planning their wedding for Aug. 12 at the camp where they met.

For Lorie Mohs, she plans on remembering her son with home videos, her favorite baby picture and fun Disney trips. His favorite character was Maui.

"His ringtone is 'You're Welcome,' that's song 'You're Welcome' and that's who he was," Lorie Mohs said.

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A favorite family tradition was being silly and baking Christmas cookies together.

"Those were things that I really looked forward to with his future wife and children and participating in," Lorie Mohs said.

Mohs has many proud moments of her son and knows his memory will live on.

"Just because he's not here right now doesn't mean that all those lives, all the people that he touched aren't going to pass that forward. Blake had a short life - only 26 years but he lived it," Lorie Mohs said.

Blake's desire was to become a police officer like his grandfather.

His dad Eric Mohs said Blake put people first and himself last.

"We lost one of the good ones," Eric Mohs said.

The Boy Scouts are planning to hold a memorial for Mohs, but arrangements are still being made.

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