Los Angeles police chase murder suspect for 2 hours in 2 different vehicles

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Friday, April 7, 2023
Chase suspects jump into second vehicle, continue fleeing from LAPD
Several suspects in a Chevy pickup truck fled from LAPD for nearly an hour before jumping out of their disabled vehicle and continuing in an SUV.

LOS ANGELES -- In a dangerous and long chase through the streets of Los Angeles, several suspects - including one wanted for murder - fled LAPD officers at high speeds for nearly two hours on Friday.

The chase started in a pickup truck and then, when the wheel was damaged about halfway through, several of the suspects jumped into another vehicle and continued fleeing recklessly through Los Angeles.

The pursuit started shortly after noon Friday when LAPD's Southeast Division began chasing a silver Chevrolet four-door pickup truck in the South Los Angeles area.

Police believed a murder suspect was in the back seat of the truck.

The truck had visible damage to its front bumper, apparently from a collision during the chase.

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Later in the chase it appeared the front right tire had gone flat and fallen off, possibly from a spike strip. The truck continued driving at high speeds on the rim. A short time after that, the wheel bent at an angle, partially broke off and dragged sideways along the ground as the truck continued to drive.

The truck mostly stuck to the Westchester and Inglewood areas near Los Angeles International Airport as it continued to flee. At one point it briefly pulled into the LAX terminal area and then returned to surface streets.

With the damaged wheel dragging on the ground at a sideways angle, the truck came up to traffic backed up at a light and rammed several cars to squeeze through.

Several suspects who were in a vehicle that became damaged during a chase jumped into a vehicle, an SUV, and continued the chase.

On Century Boulevard, several suspects jumped out of the damaged vehicle. Two or three of them got into another SUV and quickly fled at high speeds as the chase resumed. Two women were seen fleeing on foot from the scene but it wasn't immediately clear if they were associated with the suspects or bystanders.

It also wasn't immediately clear if the Mazda SUV was taken as a carjacking or if the suspect knew the driver.

The chase continued at high speeds in the new vehicle, a gray four-door Mazda SUV. There were two people visible in the front seat, a male passenger and female driver.

It continued for nearly another hour, at first sticking to the same part of Los Angeles but eventually winding up in Carson.

LAPD officers were chasing a murder suspect in a Chevrolet pickup truck on streets in the Westchester and Inglewood areas.

At one point, the two suspects, a man and woman, jumped out of the moving truck and fled on foot. After a short foot chase, officers took them both into custody.