Cop gives flowers instead of ticket to woman speeding to see dying mom

Friday, November 6, 2015

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- A driver who was pulled over for speeding in Massachusetts got a big surprise afterwards from the police officer: a bouquet of flowers.

Robin Sutherland was rushing to see her 90-year-old mother, who is about to enter hospice care.

"And I thought I kept it together until I was pulled over," she said.

She was stopped along a stretch in Somerville, and while the officer ran her information, Robin became emotional.

"It just sort of hit me in those few quiet moments what was really happening," she said.

Robin hadn't had a speeding ticket since the 80's. The female officer let her go with a written warning.

But later that day the officer sent a bouquet of flowers and much needed kindness.

Robin read the card that was sent: "I hope you find comfort that she lived a long life and will continue to live in your heart and your memories. Signed the officer who pulled you over this morning."

The officer who pulled Robin over is Ashley Catatao. She says she simply wanted to help a person in need of comfort.

"And I felt bad that I couldn't just sit with her and talk with her, give her a hug," the officer said. "After she left I thought about it, it didn't leave me. So I thought I would do something nice and send her some flowers and put a smile on her face."

Robin brought the flowers to her ailing mother, where they will sit at her bedside.

Robin's message to Officer Catatao: "I can't imagine anybody having done that for me. Knowing you did, on such a tough day for me is so appreciated. You rock."