Video of police officers playing football with kids goes viral

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Chicago cop speaks out after video goes viral
A video of two Chicago police officers playing football with children went viral.

A video of two Chicago police officers playing football with children has gone viral.

On Sunday, Facebook user TattooTim Freeman posted the following video of two police officers tossing around a football with a group of children near the

Independence Blvd. and Grenshaw St. intersection in Chicago.

"Everytime I look on Facebook there are negative posts of police officers killing our kids or our kids killing one another. Today is a new day," wrote Freeman in his Facebook post. "Police officers are taking time out of their daily plans to spend time with our children. Something I've never seen our brothers do in the hood."

The kids are clearly enjoying themselves in the video as well, saying "we [are] having fun with the police."

One of the officers commented on his enjoyment of hanging out with the community. "We aren't just going to sit in our cars. It's fun to talk to people."

The video has already received over 130,000 views and 3,600 shares since Sunday.

"I agree we should have more officers like that," wrote one Facebook commenter. "God bless them," wrote another.

"People we have to step up and take charge of our actions all of police are not bad," Freeman said. "Today a kid never stepped outside his house in 4 years until today. Lord I thank you that's what's up."