Jefferson Park bakery Delightful Pastries serves Polish sweet paczki

ByMichelle Corless via WLS logo
Sunday, February 14, 2021
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Delightful Pastries continues to serve paczki, a treat to enjoy the day before Lent begins.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's almost Paczki Day, and for many, the Polish sweet treat is something to enjoy the day before Lent begins.

But Delightful Pastries makes paczki all year.

The bakery is family-owned and serves home-style European pastries and are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary.

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Paczki can be made with several fillings. Chocolate, custard and jelly are all traditional. Delightful Pastries also offers "Drunken Paczki" with alcohol-filled custards.

It's too late to order in advance. Walk-in orders are available. Delightful Pastries asks people to observe social distancing guidelines while visiting.

The bakery is located at 5927 W. Lawrence Ave. in Chicago.