State rep who has gay son tries to nullify LGBT protections

HOUSTON -- A state representative has introduced a bill aimed at removing gay rights in Texas, but his own gay son says he is against the bill.

Beau Miller is an openly gay attorney here in Houston. Now his father, State Rep. Rick Miller, has introduced H.B. 1556, called the Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act. It contains a provision nullifying city-level LGBT protections in Texas.

Rep. Miller told the Texas Observer that his bill was simply about states' rights, but goes on to say quote, "nothing in the bill prevents local businesses from voluntarily adopting their own discrimination policy not currently included."

Beau Miller says the bill would also takes away protective rights and could have a huge impact on the LGBT community. He's hoping to work with his father to change his mind.

Beau also plans on working with others to stop this legislation from going through.
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