2nd woman charged gets 30-year sentence in 2019 murder of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez

Thursday, May 30, 2024
2nd woman charged gets 30-year sentence in pregnant woman's murder
Desiree Figueroa was sentenced Thursday in the 2019 murder of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. Her mother, Clarissa, received a 50-year sentence.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The second woman charged in the murder of a pregnant Chicago mother was sentenced Thursday.

Desiree Figueroa and her mother, Clarissa, pleaded guilty to killing 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez in 2019.

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They strangled Ochoa-Lopez and removed the baby from her womb, after luring her over social media with the promise of free baby clothes.

After the horrific acts, Clarisa Figueroa pretended to be the baby's mother, and called 911 for a newborn in distress. The infant died two months later, and eventually their lies unraveled.

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Desiree Figueroa pleaded guilty to murder in January, and agreed to testify against her mother in exchange for a 30-year sentence.

On Thursday afternoon, a judge confirmed that sentence.

"I'm sorry. I can never apologize for what I did enough at all," Desiree Figueroa said in court.

Desiree Figueroa was actually pregnant at the time of the murder. She gave birth in prison. Her baby survived.

Being in court Thursday was too much for Ochoa-Lopez's family.

"Your apologies will never be enough, Desiree Figueroa! You took a human life," Ochoa-Lopez family spokesperson Pastor Julie Contreras said.

A victim impact statement from Ochoa-Lopez's husband, Yovanny Lopez, was read in court.

In it he shared, "Your punishment will never be enough because my wife and son are gone forever, and my son, Joshua, will never be able to hug his mother again."

Contreras spoke with Lopez before the sentencing.

"Today is the end of that legal road, but the emotional part, the trauma and the healing for her husband and her son is a journey they will continue on for the rest of their life," Contreras said.

During sentencing, Judge Peggy Chiampas acknowledged Desiree Figueroa's efforts while in prison to get an education, training and therapy and her difficult childhood.

Nonetheless, the judge told Figueroa she wants her, every day of her life, to think about Ochoa-Lopez and her baby boy.

Earlier this year, Clarissa Figueroa received 50 years in prison for the murder.

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