Event promoted as Redline Express 'rave train' will not happen Saturday, CTA and organizers say

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Saturday, June 15, 2024
Redline Express 'rave train' will not happen Saturday: CTA, organizers
Organizers said the event would feature three live DJ sets across six train cars.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An event promoted as the Redline Express "rave train" will not happen this weekend, the CTA and organizers said.

Organizers said the event, which was supposed to happen on Saturday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., would feature three live DJ sets across six train cars. The ride would begin at the Kimball Station on the CTA Brown Line and make periodic stops at the Washington/Wells Station.

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The CTA said it did not reach an agreement with organizers due to safety concerns and plans to sell tickets. Organizers were notified that their event request would be denied on June 12, the CTA said.

Organizers said they had been working on the event with the CTA since November 2023 and said the transit authority canceled their event last-minute, calling the decision "shocking" and "disappointing."

The number of tickets organizers sold for the event is unclear. Organizers said they are working to secure an alternative venue for Saturday's event.

Full CTA statement:

The event promoted by organizers as the Redline Express "rave train" will not occur along the Brown Line Saturday night, June 15.

CTA became aware of additional details of the proposed event through the organizer's promotion that raised concerns regarding rider safety, as well as the sale of event tickets, which does not align with CTA's policy to charter trains only for private, non-commercial purposes.

After careful consideration of all of these factors, this request could not be approved and no formal agreement was entered into between the two parties. CTA notified the event organizer of this decision Wednesday, June 12.

Full statement from organizers:

To our Redline community:

We regret to announce that the CTA has unilaterally canceled our "Redline Express" event scheduled for June 15th, despite months of planning and coordination.

Since November 2023, we have worked closely with CTA management to bring this unique experience to Chicago. The CTA was fully briefed on our plans, including ticket sales, sound logistics, and security (January 2024), event sponsorships, dates, and security deposits (March 2024), final details, sponsorships, and logistics (April 2024). In May 2024, CTA personnel invited us to conduct a venue walkthrough, negotiated and drafted a written contract and all final payment info was submitted.

The CTA's last-minute cancellation is as shocking as it is disappointing, as the CTA has hosted similar rave events in the past, including a multi-train charter event in 2001. Any suggestion that our event "does not align with CTA policy" certainly contradicts their actions as they have worked to plan this event with us over the last seven months.

To our ticketholders and supporters: we hear you and we share your frustration. We are exploring all options to address this situation. We are committed to bringing you the innovative experiences we promised, and are working to secure an alternate venue for June 15th.

Chicago is a city that embraces creativity and community. While the CTA may have tried to "put the brakes" on the Redline Express, they will never stop our determination to bring unforgettable experiences to our city. We're shifting gears and charting a new course.

Our message remains the same: All aboard-the Redline spirit will keep moving forward, with or without the CTA.

We appreciate your support and will share more updates soon. Stay tuned-because we're full steam ahead.

Newest update from organizers:

Due to inconveniences with the Redline Express event, there are two options for current ticket holders.

Option 1

Keep your tickets for our new Train Wreck event

Option 2

Full Refund within seven business days, email info@aredlinechi.com