Local tire company offers pothole protection tips for drivers, free air for tires

ByTony Smith WLS logo
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Tire expert shares tips for handing potholes
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It may seem like spring is finally here, but one season is really lingering in Chicago: pothole season.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's pothole season. They are seemingly everywhere and if you hit one it can cost you an average of $600 or more in car repairs, per AAA.

Brian Matz with Belle Tire offers some car repair tips and ways to avoid pesky potholes.

The first tip is to make sure your tires are properly inflated. It will minimize the impact that hitting a pothole can have on your car. Belle Tire offers free air for tires 24/7.

Next, keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

"This gives you more time and space to see potholes and avoid potential collisions if that car should hit a pot hole," said Matz. "Watch out for puddles and keep both hands on the steering wheel and hold on tight, if you hit a pothole."

If you should hit a pothole, and need repairs, Matz said to follow these steps:

-Pull Over as soon as it's safe to do so.

-Look for obvious signs of damage: tire deflation, cracks or bulges in the tire, dents in the wheel rims and fluid leakage.

You may see no obvious damage, but pay attention to how the car is driving. Suspension may be damaged if you notice symptoms like drifting, vibrations, a bumpy or uneven ride. Don't try driving the car if the tire is deflated or the car is feeling shaky when you drive. If you do see damage, change to a spare or call a tow truck. Don't take chances even if the damage seems minor. If you think you may have damage, bring the car to a repair shop immediately.