Pritzker Military Museum and Library holds annual Liberty Gala

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Sunday, November 6, 2016
The Pritzker Military Museum and Library's 2016 Liberty Gala.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hundreds of people gathered Saturday night for the Pritzker Military Museum and Library's Liberty Gala.

Former Senator Elizabeth Dole served as the chair for the event. The museum and library's mission is to make sure everyone can learn about military history, and to help the public understand the sacrifices men and women and their families make to serve this country.

The museum also interviews veterans to make sure their stories live on to the next generation.

"The museum and library is a place that stands ready for when the 90-year-old veteran is finally ready to talk about his story and is looking for a place to preserve those artifacts that he has kept his whole life, usually in a foot locker or some kind of box," said Kenneth Clarke, President and CEO of the museum and library.

ABC7's Stacey Baca served as the emcee for the event. The Pritzker Military Museum and Library is open 7 days a week and for more information, visit