RNC 2020: President Trump accepts Republican nomination, Jacob Blake mentioned by name on closing night

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Friday, August 28, 2020
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President Donald Trump singled out Chicago for what he called "left wing mayhem and anarchy" while saying bad police officers need to be held accountable.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Jacob Blake was mentioned by name at the final night of the Republican National Convention as President Donald Trump broke precedent by giving his acceptance speech on the South Lawn of the White House.

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It was perhaps the most important speech the President will make in his reelection campaign. He accepted his party's nomination in grand fashion, first acknowledging the victims of Hurricane Laura and promising support, then asking for support for another four years.

"In a new term as president, we will again build the greatest economy in history, quickly returning to full employment, soaring incomes and record prosperity," Trump said.

More than 1,000 people packed the White House lawn for the grand finale to the Republican National Convention. Supporters were seated right next to one another with no social distancing, and no mask requirement as the president touted progress against the virus, promising to crush it.

"We are delivering life-saving therapies and will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner," Trump said.

Law and order was once again a key topic. President Trump was portrayed as champion of police and Democrats a danger to public safety. Jacob Blake and the crisis in Kenosha were mentioned by name.


"Our hearts go out to the Blake family, and the other families who have been impacted by the tragic events in Kenosha," Housing Secretary Ben Carson said.

"It is clear that a vote for Biden and the Democrats creates the risk that you will bring this lawlessness to your city, to your town, to your suburb," former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said.

President Trump touted his international successes, the building of the wall and claimed he has done more for Black Americans in three and a half years than Joe Biden did in 47 years. The president also promised to defend American's safety.

"If the Democrat Party wants to stand with anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters and flag-burners, that is up to them," Trump said. "But I, as your president, will not be a part of it. The Republican Party will remain the voice of the patriotic heroes who keep America safe and salute the American flag."

That drew a standing ovation. The President also singled out Chicago for what he called "left wing mayhem and anarchy" while saying bad police officers need to be held accountable.

With both conventions now over, there are just 66 days until the November election.